Wednesday, January 28, 2015

5 Things People Say About Sungai Long

A frequent topic of conversation that pops up whenever I meet new people is "Where do you stay?". My momma told me never to talk to strangers, but when the stranger is talking to me and is female, all my inhibitions usually melt away. I digress.

I will always answer truthfully, because it's no shame to admit where I stay. "Sungai Long," I reply cheerfully. That's when people will respond in one of these 5 ways.

#5 Wow, that's far.

Most of the time, an unfamiliar sounding place MUST be very far, because, and I quote an actual person, "I've never heard of it before". Yeah, it's pretty out of the way, but it's not Timbuktu. Get your Geography straight. And also...

#4 But where exactly is Sg. Long? the follow up question. Most people will pretend to know where that is, a knowing look on their faces, "Oh isn't that near..." before proceeding to name a place at least a thousand kilometers away from Sungai Long.

And it will be followed up with the question above. In this day and age of technology, no one should be asking where anything is anymore. There's Google Maps, Waze, and a whole lot of other knockoff GPS systems which can let you know exactly where your dog took a dump.

Right here. 

#3 Wow, you live by a long river (sungai long)?

Shown: An actual long river.

Surprisingly, I get this from a lot of people. It was pretty darn funny the first time someone suggested it, but after 14 years of getting the same damn thing over and over again, it starts to get on your nerves. I am here to once and for all answer this question:

There is no freaking river flowing through Sungai Long, long or short. If the names of places were taken literally, please tell me what this place would have?

I rest my case.

#2 Isn't it very jam to and from Sungai Long?

Yes it is. But then again, isn't it very jam from anywhere in KL? The Klang Valley is like the Jam Central of the world.

Malaysians thrive on getting stuck in the jam for days and days on end, but complain when they seemingly have to drive a little bit out of their way to reach my house (you know who you are, douche).

#1 What's there in Sungai Long?

There's really nothing much in Sungai Long. To be perfectly honest, unless you are willing to drive all the way to Sungai Long for a plate of generic wan tan mee, there is pretty much no other reason you would come to Sungai Long at all.

Oh, or unless you're a UTAR student. I hear they're opening up a pretty big campus soon.

Anyone from Sungai Long here? HOLLA ME UP and we'll go for that generic wan tan mee absolutely no one is talking about. At least it'll be better than this place, for sure.

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Monday, January 26, 2015

10 Must-Watch Episodes of Running Man (For New Viewers)

This week's Running Mondays is quite a special one. For one, this is the 100th Running Mondays post. It's been such a long time but we've finally reached this important milestone. I know I seem to keep thanking you, but without your support and your readership, this milestone would never have been reached. So a very big 감사합니다 to everyone!

And secondly, I don't usually have guest writers on this blog, but this week, I got someone on board to write a Running Mondays post. After 2 years and something of writing this column, I can't believe I've never come up with, or even thought about this post yet, until this week's special guest writer brought it up. But enough of me, I'm going to let her introduce herself and today's Running Mondays post.

Hi everyone. I'm Eun Ji, the author of Perfect Hat and on today's Running Monday entry, I'll be collaborating with Joel to compile 10 must-watch episodes of Running Man for new viewers. These are the episodes that will introduce you to the show and hopefully get you addicted to watching the other episodes.

I'll be doing the first 5 episodes (#10 to #6), while Joel will be doing the rest (#5 to #1).

#10 Episode 114

This episode mostly focused on the loveline(?) of Mr.Capable and Moon Guen-young who was the guest of this episode. The episode revolved around the rest of the cast finding out who the X-Man is but honestly, we were all cracking up because of the teasing and jokes.

With Miss Moon's appearance on the show, we saw Mr. Capable being all flustered as his cute side resurfaced in front of her. And let's be honest, who doesn't want to see the strong and muscular commander turn beet red in front of the woman of his dreams? These episodes really cracked me up from Kwang-soo and HaHa playing the of course game, Gary saying "I am your EX" to the cast teasing Mr. Capable of liking Moon Guen-young with every little thing he did. 

In my opinion, this is definitely one of the funniest episodes of Running Man I've watched so far and that's why it's a must-watch for new viewers. 

#9 Episode 91

The episode started off with the members of the cast being called out late in the night to different locations. Myuk PD arrived with two men dressed in black to 'arrest' the members for the crimes they've been charged with and the charges were hilarious. 

They then drove the members to a university and locked them up in individual cells. They were sentenced to 6 hours of jail time and in Kwang-soo's case, 60 hours. Later, they were told to find blue prints to acquire the keys in order to leave the building within 4 hours. 

While the other members were busy escaping their cells and looking for blue prints and keys, Gary on the other hand reverted back to being his calm and peaceful self. 

It's good to see how well the members work together and how close they are to each other when there aren't any guests around. I think this episode features their bonds the best and we're definitely looking forward to more of such episodes.

#8 Episode 132

This episode was by far the most epic Kwang-soo win ever. The episode started off when two members of the cast, Gary and Ji-hyo meeting up with Park Sung-woong and Kim Jong-kook respectively to receive their missions from the PD. It is then reveal that Gary will be the spy for the actor team in the singer team and Ji-hyo, vice versa. 

Throughout the first half of the episode, we see the two teams battling it out in missions but it wasn't until the final mission started that the episode became funnier and more exciting. 

Towards the end of the episode, we clearly see that the Singer Team has the upper hand. However, when the team leader, Park Sung-woong was eliminated, Kwang-soo became the lone survivor. He threatened to ousts himself in the most hilarious way ever and have Commander Kook and Big Nose- hyung search for the bags themselves for days. 

Kwang-soo came up with a brilliant plan and managed to eliminate the Commander. All that's left is Big Nose hyung who stated that if Kwang-soo eliminates him, he'll have to search for the bags for a long time. The latter stopped tearing his name tag midway and walked towards where the last two bags were stored. The Easy Brothers did their signature Phil-Chok-Cross and Kwang-soo quickly teared his name tag off.

Badass Kwang-soo, check. 

#7 Episode 159

A list is not a list without a Monday Couple episode. The Monday Couple feels is strong in this one. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my favorite couple in the whole wide world interacting with each other so much. My favorite highlights of this episode would be when the Monday Couple created their raft together, Gary nagging at Ji-hyo about her strokes and of course, when they both chose each other over gold. 

There are many episodes featuring the Monday Couple but I believe that this episode showed how naturally they are around each other and how well they cooperate with one another. The chemistry between them is so natural that it's impossible to deny that they're just putting on an act for the show. 

#6 Episode 214

At first, I wasn't really keen on watching this episode because the concept didn't really attract my attention. But I was proven wrong. The guests were hilarious and they bonded in so naturally with the rest of the members. We also got to see how much the capable commander suck at badminton. But it wasn't until the actual R-POP audition that cracked me up more than ever. 

This image speaks for itself. Running Man members cross dressing! And what's more to say about that? This is definitely a must-watch!


And that was Eun Ji's choice for the must-watch Running Man episodes, especially for new viewers. Let me just add that the selection for these episodes are based on a few factors. One, the episode must have the one thing that makes variety good; the ability to make you laugh out loud. Two, the episode must be able to showcase the Running Man members and their interaction with each other. So for any new viewers, their first taste for the show will definitely make them fall for the members, and also leave them with side-splitting laughter. 

That being said, here is the list of my recommended episodes for new viewers of Running Man.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Come #BEaFlasher With Me

I don't know about you but almost everyone I know owns a smartphone now. In fact, I personally wouldn't survive without my hands reaching out to check my phone every 2 minutes. Some people may argue that this is detrimental to my social life, and that I have my head buried in my phone all the time and can't smell the roses. To these people I say, get a smartphone already. Your life will be changed.

If you don’t know what kind of smartphone to get, you’ll probably need a huge flashing sign to help you. Or, you should just take my advice in the rest of this post. You know, it’s entirely up to you.

Alcatel Onetouch has launched its latest smartphone designed to feed your inner narcissist. The Alcatel Onetouch Flash is probably the best choice for you. Fitted with a 5MP HD front camera, you can be sure that your selfie lover will be fully satisfied. Of course, if you prefer to snap artistic photos of your surroundings, the 13MP Full HD back camera will be undoubtedly one of the best things you’ll ever have.

Do you use a thousand filters to make sure your face comes out perfect? The Alcatel Onetouch Flash has a built-in Beauty mode to make sure your eyes are huge enough and your skin is fairer than Snow White. And with the 5.5 inch HD screen, you will be able to look back at your beautiful face in high definition.

Worried about your battery life after such a draining it on taking selfies and admiring yourself? Well, with a 3200 mAh battery, you can be pretty sure that you will constantly be able to see your face on your Onetouch Flash without worrying about the battery dying on you.

I feel that after so much plugging, I have to at least include you in the loop. Alcatel Onetouch has launched the #BEaFlasher campaign, to encourage all of us to join them in the mission to become a wanted criminal notorious flasher. At least, that’s what I wished we could all do. Alcatel Onetouch actually launched this campaign to encourage people around the world to, and I quote, “embrace the culture of expressing their individuality through selfies”. That’s pretty much like saying you express your hunger through binge eating. 

So of course, take part in this campaign through Facebook or Instagram with this hashtag #BEaFlasher (or be like me and stalk people taking thousands of selfies), and who knows? It may even inspire you to go down the path of the flasher.

For more information about #BEaFlasher, check out this link:

Here’s my flashiest picture: 

The Alcatel Onetouch Flash is available nationwide. There’s no need to wait for a restock or even to camp in front of your computer frantically refreshing the page. You know who doesn’t have that kind of time?


Check out this awesome video on the Alcatel Onetouch Flash as well.

Remember to flash. I’ll be stalking you. 

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