Wednesday, November 26, 2014

My Mom Has Never Given Us Her Best: A (Pretty Sucky) Poem

Every year, in lieu of a birthday present, I write my mom a blog post because a) it's free and b) I'm just really that kiamsap. This year, I decided to one-up myself and write a poem instead. The decision to write a poem came suddenly, and I've been regretting it ever since. I'm no poet, and under no circumstances can I replicate the flowy, flowery language that comes with poems.

Still, I'm managing expectations here. So mommy dearest, happy birthday and please don't mind this crappy poem I wrote you. Oh, if you're looking, there's a video below for you too. It's like finding a pearl in your oyster.

My Mom Has Never Given Us Her Best: A (Pretty Sucky) Poem

My mom has never given us her best.
She's always been so busy.
On the computer, on the phone
Or out and about, she's never at home

My mom has never given us her best,
She's always one to nag
About chores, homework and that dreadful test
Oh man, it really is such a drag.

My mom has never given us her best,
She really, really can't cook.
She tries and tries and tries again,
But it's different from the picture in the book.

My mom has never given us her best
She's always taking naps
Her head would always loll
jolted with a snort and a snore.


My mom has been there for us,
Through the thick and thin.
Voicing her worries and her fears
She never wants to see our tears

She's always trying out new recipes
Although we never appreciate
She continues to persevere
Despite how tired she might be

Through the years of growing up
I've come to realize one thing.
My mom has never given us her best.
No. Because she's given us her all.

And yes, here is the video too.

Happy birthday mommy! I know how much you hate people knowing that you're 52 years old this year. I promise that I won't be telling anyone that you're now inching your way along into your fifties. LOVE YOU!

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Monday, November 17, 2014

8 Couples We Want To See More Of on Running Man

Relationships form the basis of what makes Running Man one of the most watchable and hilarious variety shows ever. The cast have a strong, almost familial relationship which translates well both on and off screen. On screen though, there are plenty of "couples" formed through the years of teaming up together; the Monday Couple and the Easy Brothers as examples. Still, there are plenty more couple mix-ups which I think the show could promote more of.

Couple such as...

#8 Yoo-Kook Couple (Eternal Rivals)

Yoo Jae-suk and Kim Jong-kook have been rivals since the beginning of the show. Both are capable leaders, have their own personalities and always at each other's throats. It's always fun to see a dysfunctional couple paired together and just let the fireworks come out.

#7 Gary-Giraffe Couple

One of the less focused on couples in the show. They haven't had a chance to show off their teamwork but their pairing is guaranteed to garner the laughs. Case in point: episode 182 where Kwang-soo and Gary played the horse acupuncture mat race.

Non-stop laughs.

#6 Yoo-Mong (Candy Alliance)

The Candy Alliance first formed in It's no doubt that Jae-suk and Ji-hyo have an infectiously cute relationship; equal parts bickering and kinship.

Jae-suk even knows Ji-hyo's scent as seen on many occasions. Plus, with the Ace and a capable Yoomes Bond, they'd literally be unstoppable.

#5 Kwang-Mong Couple

Ah the siblings.

If you need more reasons, check out this previous post I did:

#4 Impala-Tiger Couple

The strongest and weakest links need to get together as a team. On one hand, they'll be a fair fight for the rest of the members. And it's great to see how Jong-kook reacts to Suk-jin's inability to complete missions. This is what "tipping the scales" means, literally.

#3 Sparta-Gae Couple

The pairing of the Commander and the Sudden Commander is almost as deadly as the SpartAce couple; both are capable of completing missions with record time, and deft in nametag ripping. A pairing like this doesn't happen too often because imagine how unfair it would be to the rest.

#2 Yoo-Lee Brothers

One of the best couples we need to see more of on during Running Man. The Yoo-Lee brothers are basically the best comic relief you'll ever need. They have perfect chemistry; Kwang-soo is the perfect foil to Jae-suk. Plus, Jae-suk's inner bully always tends to surface around Kwang-soo, and the results are hilarious.

#1 Ha-Yoo Couple

Another pairing that has the equal mix of disdain, teasing and ribbing to make their interactions fun and engaging. Everything, from their famous "YAAAAHH!" cry to their general banter leaves us all in stitches,

Which one of these couples are your favorite? And which other couples do you enjoy seeing on Running Man? Leave a comment below!

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Note: Running Mondays will be on a break next week and will return on the 1st of December 2014.
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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Eat, Drink, Hang with Underground Société

It's always good to see a friend finding success in his business. Then it happened again. And again. The friend in question is also a former classmate of mine, Kar Heng, who, with his brother started CoffeeSociété back when cafes weren't all that big in Malaysia. The brothers went on to open Garage 51, a cafe with a concept and name so hipster that Instagrammers everywhere just went gaga over it.

Well, they say that 3rd time's the charm, and I have no doubt about it. The Choong brothers have opened up their 3rd cafe, hipsterly named Underground Société. Why the name? "It's whatever you want it to be," Kar Heng told me, as he sipped his ice-cold coffee on tap (no, seriously! More on that later). "We don't like to put a label on ourselves."

And label he won't have to. Contrary to popular belief, Underground Société (US for short) isn't located underground, much to the chagrin of its owners who believe that the idea of a literal underground cafe would be "the coolest thing ever". US is like...a superhero. A nice respectable cafe by day, and when night rolls around, that's when the awesome gadgets come out to play. 

"Defy the norm", screams the About Us section on their Instagram account, and I won't disagree. Located snugly between a row of car workshops in Bandar Sunway, just a few steps away from Garage 51, US isn't your typical cafe. For one, Kar Heng states as a matter-of-factly, "Underground Société is an alternative lifestyle & artistic expression", one that doesn't reflect the normal standards set by other cafes in Malaysia. US exists to push the boundaries for cafes. They proudly stand by their slogan, Defy the Norm. 

Eat with US. 
Drink with US. 
Hang with US. 

The double meaning behind the slogan plastered all over their walls, on coasters and seats become apparent as soon as you enter through the wooden glass doors. Waiters greet you with a warm smile and graciously seat you. Your hand won't even have to shoot up fully before a waiter pleasantly appears in front of you, ready to take your order. It's all about the concept of their namesake, société. 

"We always want our customers to feel welcome, like: "Welcome into our cafe! Take your time, browse through the menu. and hang out with US. There's no rush!" It's always about that sense of togetherness." Kar Heng's eyes are glazed over, as though deep in thought. He finishes his glass of water. A waiter appears almost immediately and replaces it with another glass. It's efficiency at its finest.

The waiter brings me my pint of coffee on tap. It's something I've never heard of before, but is apparently big overseas. I've had tons of beer on tap before but a pint of coffee served like stout beer was definitely a first. Kar Heng laughed at my incredulity, "Yes, it looks exactly like a nice cold stout. That's what we do to push the boundaries and do something that no other cafe in Malaysia has done yet."

I took a sip. It was strangely refreshing; the bitter black coffee goes down smoothly...sort of like a stout. Kar Heng laughed again. 

If you ever need a place to chill for the afternoon or at night, maybe down few safe for work pints, then Underground Société is definitely the place for you to be at. Besides, if their signs are any indication, the entire crew behind US wants you to go hang out. Believe me, you'll definitely be better off.

Underground Société is open daily from 11am to 2am and is located at No.68, Jalan PJS 11/7, Bandar Sunway, Petaling Jaya.


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Monday, November 10, 2014

6 Observations from Run Brothers (奔跑吧兄弟) Episode 5

If you haven't watched it yet, I would recommend you catch Run Brothers episode 5. I've written about why you should try to watch Run Brothers before in the past, and it's unfortunate to say that despite my most positive outlooks on the show, I don't enjoy watching Run Brother at all. I'm not even generalizing. I've watched every single episode of Run Brothers so far and I find it to be a rehashed version of the real show, without the unique relationship and humor between the members to make it engaging.

The only episode I really looked forward to watching was episode 5 because the original Running Man members were going to be on it. It's been teased for the longest of times, and to finally watch it happen was something I really looked forward to.

Here are some observations from the show that I found in episode 5 of Run Brothers. I may come off as critical, but Run Brothers should look at it as constructive.

#6 Language barrier

The conversation that the Running Man members and the Run Brothers cast had in prison proves that yes, despite the language barrier, Running Man can and will break down any of those barriers. It happened to Jackie Chan, it happened with Patrice Evra and now it's Run Brothers. Running Man is a global language.

#5 That Monday Couple moment

The Monday Couple has been unusually quiet in the past 6 months or so. So to be able to see them walking hand in hand and bicker like...well, the Monday Couple on another show is just refreshing.

#4 That SpartAce takedown

I mean wow. Poor Chen He didn't even expect to be hit so hard and fast by the SpartAce Couple.

#3 The relationship between members

I know Run Brothers is a new show and Running Man has over 200 episodes and years upon years of rapport building but it's sad to see that a show that tries so hard to follow in the footsteps of its predecessor ignores the most crucial element in what makes Running Man so popular; the endearing relationship between its cast members. Case in point from episode 5: Ji Suk-jin vs Li Genxin.

No one from the Run Brothers cast went to check up on Li Gengxin while Jae-suk, Kwang-soo and Jong-kook at least stopped by to laugh at the fight between the weakest links.

#2 No holds barred

I understand that a lot of nametag ripping games are supposed to be no holds barred, and this can lead to some pretty ugly situations, but in Running Man, the members will always make sure that the situation doesn't turn sour. When it came down to it, the Run Brothers cast really didn't give the Running Man members a lot of chances to diffuse the situation after getting outed, which led to quite a bit of sour faces.

#1 Where's the respect?

Respect came in flashes. The Running Man members were their usual affable selves; bowing, shaking hands, the works. Most of the cast of Run Brothers seemed to only want to get the hand-shaking done and over with just so they get on with the nametag ripping. I say most because people like Deng Chao honestly came off as being friendly while the rest just wanted to skip out on the formalities.

Where's the respect?

I don't want to sound harsh to a new show like Run Brothers but these are my personal observations of the show. Who knows, they might come back even stronger as soon as they come up with something unique to distinguish themselves from Running Man. But until that day comes, I think I'll only be keeping an eye out for Run Brothers in short bursts.

What do you think about Run Brothers? Leave a comment below!


UPDATE: You can watch the whole Run Brothers segment here:

Running Mondays News

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On To Macau We GO!

This is a Nuffnang sponsored post. Yay!


I've never been to Macau but I've had plenty of friends who have gone and come back with raving reviews of a city so full of sights, sounds and gastronomical delights. Of course, my first ever encounter with Macau was in the TVB drama Return of the Cuckoo (or 澳門街 for those of you who can read Chinese) and I've always been wanting to visit the place.

Here are some reasons why I would like to go visit Macau. Soon, I hope, because as I'm writing this post, the tingle of the travel bug is beginning to spread over my whole body.

#1 The Food

Called Macanese cuisine (no, seriously), Macau has some pretty unique food blends to excite your palate. Fused with Southern Chinese and Portuguese mix, you can be sure that all your meals will be all kinds of epic.

I've had friends who swear that Macau's famous eggtarts are simply "the bomb" and cannot be missed on every trip to Macau. Add in pork buns, egg rolls, almond cookies and you have yourself a delicious meal.

#2 The History

Macau is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of the Historic Centre of Macau; a collection of 27 locations which UNESCO describes as "a unique testimony to the meeting of aesthetic, cultural, architectural and technological influences from East and West". These locations include some really popular tourist spots like the A-Ma Temple, Ruins of St. Paul's. Casa Garden, Senado Square among others.

Never a dull moment with so many historically rich places to discover.

#3 The Entertainment

Of course, history isn't the only draw of Macau. Because of its unique Chinese and Portuguese culture, one can expect to be entertained by a host of different holidays, events and festivals. If you're in the area during that time, you can attend the Macau Grand Prix, in which the streets of Macau are converted into a historical race track.

If land races aren't your thing, there are also dragon boat races happening the Dragon Boat Festival. There's also the unmissable House of Dancing Water concerts, a water-based stage production which has been touted as one of the more memorable water shows in the world.

#4 The Sights

Senado Square, Ruins of St. Paul's, Macau Tower...these are some of the picturesque sights you can see in Macau. The latter is where Running Man filmed when they went to Macau, and Song Ji-hyo bungy-jumped off the Macau Tower, which makes me want to try it even more.

You've probably seen a dozen of your Facebook friends posing in front of the iconic Ruins of St. Paul's Cathedral (or maybe munching on an egg tart; refer to point #1) but these are some of the sights (and sounds) that you definitely put on your Instagram.

Macau is also pretty much the most accessible country I've ever seen; you can make it there by sea from Hong Kong, or just waltz through customs through land if you get seasick easily. It's made easier with 17 flights weekly from Kuala Lumpur to Macau, as well as being absolutely visa-free for Malaysians. There's really no reason to say you can't go to Macau.

See, I want to go to Macau very much now. And I probably can, thanks to the good people in the Macau Tourism Board. In fact, YOU reading this right now, yes YOU, can too! Yes, the Macau Tourism Board is hooking us up with a 3D2N all-expense paid trip to Macau so that you too can experience everything there is about Macau. And it's so, so simple to win. All you have to do is write a blog post "Dream Trip to Macau" (because let's face it, it's true), detailing why you want to to visit Macau so much. The contest runs from 20th October to 23rd November 2014, which means it has already started!

Here are a couple of do’s and don’ts you should take note of. Y’know, for a higher chance of winning.


1. Express how much you want to go Macau. Make it convincing because if you can move some heartstrings, your chances may be bigger.

2. Include at least two (2) activities and attractions available in Macau. Here’s the list you can refer to:
  • Event & Festivals 
  • Food 
  • UNESCO Heritage Sites 
  • Tourism Products
  • Entertainment
3. Share about your past experiences in Macau (if any) and encourage your friends and family to join the campaign. The more the merrier.

4. Winners will be required to do a couple of social media postings and a post trip blog post after the trip. You’ll probably do it even if I didn’t say anything.

5. Post all your links on your various social media platforms to create better awareness for the campaign.


1. Mention about gambling or casinos. We may have underaged readers.
2. Negative experiences you may have. Let the past be the past.
3. Mention other destinations. Yeah. It’s all about Macau now.

Will I see you in Macau? Maybe. But you gotta wrack those brain cells now and come up with a pretty gosh darn good blog post.

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