Monday, March 23, 2015

Be Creative, Innovative and Energetic with UNITEN

I've been been working for the past 8 months now, and honestly, I'm trying my best to be a grown adult. But I still miss student life. The carefree days where my only worry was whether I should start writing my essay 1 or 2 days before the deadline. Even though I've been out of university for over a year now, I miss that feeling of being a student, which was why I was at UNITEN near Putrajaya last Saturday afternoon for their Open Day.

UNITEN or University Tenaga Nasional is probably one of those places that has a real university feel to it. It's big, so much so that anything without 2 wheels will have a terrible time in getting around anywhere. I was there with Bugger ECF because he worked nearby and somehow, he's married to his job.

You know a place is awesome when the Open Day banner literally glows with an unetheral light. I'm not even kidding. This photo below wasn't manipulated in anyway.

Inside the huge administration building, which was surrounded by glass for some reason, we were greeted by the people in blue coaxing us to sit down and have a talk about our futures. Me and Bugger ECF must have looked young because everyone stopped us and asked us if we were interested in taking up a course at UNITEN. We replied no, of course, because we both have jobs already.

Speaking of courses, UNITEN offers a couple of programmes which If you're just fresh off your SPM, you can consider a Foundation Programme. Some of the Foundation Programmes include Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Civil Engineering, IT, Accounting and Finance, among others. You can see what UNITEN really specializes in.

This guy probably does too.

Foundation Programmes aren't the only thing you can get at UNITEN. Diploma or Degree courses are also available. Again, the focus of the courses are all mainly on Engineering, Computer Sciences and Accounting & Business. This is the core subjects that UNITEN offers, and man, you'd be silly not to at least check out COIT.

Worried about a lack of finances? Don't worry. With a strong Finance background, UNITEN has some pretty good and solid Financial Assistance that the staffs are more than ready to help you out with whatever question you may have.

Or if you results are excellent, you can even apply for a sponsorship. There's no one lining up at the time of this picture because the SPM results weren't out yet.

After our short walk around the campus, Bugger ECF became obsessed with the slogan UNITEN "Creative, Innovative and Energetic". He kept muttering to himself, "I could be all that too.", which is why I think he may be considering a switch back to student life. I don't know.

Too bad neither of us had any offer letters. Y'know, because we were both grown up, working adults with full time jobs. Still, it's always good to have a dream.

If you're like us and want to enjoy student life again, why not check out UNITEN's Facebook page for more information on their courses and other things:

You can also check out their website: for any additional details.

Time to generate our own professionalism. Yeah, as soon as we stop dreaming and continue working. 

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Monday, March 16, 2015

5 Best Dance Sessions on Running Man

Running Man is a fun show, but not only because of the missions and the body gags that come along with it. There are moments in the show when everything just stops and the Running Man members just start dancing. Like legit begin to dance their hearts out, regardless of filming schedule or not.

These are some of the best dance sessions (in no particular order), up to this point on Running Man.

#5 Episode 28: It's Turbo Time

Some of the best dance sessions take place during the "breaks" in between missions and this was no different. After eating fried chicken and ramen, plus the mission's requirement of slimming down to a certain weight, an epic Turbo-inspired dance session began in earnest.

Everyone took part in the iconic dances of Turbo hits like Black Cat, Twist King, and a hilarious reinaction of Jong-kook's most popular "dance" Lovable by the cheeky Jae-suk and HaHa.

Watch the whole video here:

#4 Episode 237: Be My G-Friend

G-Friend's Yerin. That's really all I have to say about this dance session. I mean, if kneeing herself in the face isn't enough, she continued to switch between crazy and cute almost at a whim.

EXID's Hani Up and Down dance was sexy too, I suppose, but Yerin just grabbed the spotlight from everyone. And that final Jong-kook body slam on Jae-suk was fantastic too.

Watch the whole video here:

#3 Episode 205: LET ME SEE YOUR BBA SAE!

One of the most iconic dancing moments that was absolutely not scripted or in any way a part of the filming schedule, episode 205 was one of my favorite episodes of 2014 because of how well the cast and the guests interacted with each other. The dance party in the middle of a sweltering summer was only heated up further by Gook-ju and her swaying hips, as well as party animal Hong Jin-yong and "mama-san" Baek Ji-young.

Even a yellow jerseyed FD and a PD was pulled onto the dancing floor, which quickly became a no-holds barred dance festival.

Watch the whole video here:

#2 Episode 156: Not 2NE1 Can Dance

What do you get when you pit one of South Korea's hottest girl groups together with the Running Man members, with a dash of Taeyang to boost? One of the most amazing dance missions to increase heart rate, of course.

But with the Running Man members, the concept of being "cool" all the time was unappealing and Kwang-soo was in the thick of the silliest dances ever performed in the YG Entertainment studios.

Watch the whole video here:

#1 Episode 162: Dancing with the Idols

A whole bunch of idols and one Running Man member in each team equals a whole lot of fun. There are so many notable dance moments in this episode, and it was just the opening. From Gary's almost perfect syncronisation with A-Pink to Kwang-soo taking over MBLAQ's routine with his vicious face rubbing dance,

Jong-kook and his ultra "sexy" SISTAR "Alone" dance

and even Suk-jin's hilarious near trip. It was a melding of some of the best dancing the Running Man had ever done, and it was amazing.

Watch the whole video here:

Which one of these dances are your absolute favorite? Or maybe you have another Running Man dance session you think should be on this list? Leave a comment below!


Note: Running Mondays will be on a break next week (23 March) and will return the following week (30 March). 
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Saturday, March 14, 2015

HIYAHH with Ultraman Live in Genting

When I was a kid, I had 3 childhood heroes; the Power Rangers, Kamen Riders and Ultraman. These were the heroes I knew would be able to save the world and make all the terrible monsters disappear. But among all of them, I understood Ultraman the least. I mean, Power Rangers were teenagers with attitude, the Kamen Riders were adults with attitude but Ultraman was this huge spaceman-thing that appeared only when summoned by a magic stick.

I haven't watched Ultraman in a very long time, so my memory is a bit hazy. That's what happened right?

Still, when I found out that Resorts World Genting was bringing Ultraman to Malaysia, I was more than excited to go experience and relive my childhood. And man, was I glad I did. Because no matter what anyone tells you, being able to watch freaking Ultraman defeating monsters right in front of you transcends barriers like age and shyness.

Okay. I'll try to recap most of what I remembered before the frenzy of watching Ultraman beat up the baddies took over my fevered manchild-brain. Bear in mind that I don't know any other Ultraman besides the original one; very creatively named Ultraman, so I might mess up some names here and there. You have been warned.

The whole show is emceed by a character called Ultra Potato. Ultra Potato has a superpower, that is, she can summon Ultraman anytime she wants by asking all the people in the crowd to scream out his name. That's a little bit more efficient than asking the crowd to clap to bring Tinkerbell back to life, but that's another story for another time. The Ultra Potato's job is quite simple, because my voice alone could have brought out any Ultraman, past, present or future.

Of course, the Ultra Potato seemed to notice an extra budak in the crowd, screaming for all it's worth for Ultraman to come out and save the world, so she worked that somehow into her script.

 I was acknowledged by the Ultra Potato, which puts that achievement between getting my teeth pulled out without crying and swallowing vitamin pills without choking to death. 

Of course, what is Ultraman without the fights? I think the only reason I watched Ultraman when I was a kid was just to see him kick some monster butt. Some monsters don't have butts, but this isn't the place to start an argument on monster anatomy.

At one point, a huge monster came out on stage and THREE FREAKING ULTRAMEN were fighting it together. If my younger self read that last sentence, he would probably have just started weeping uncontrollably at the awesomeness of it all.

But of course, as Ultraman plot dictates, the Ultramen must not be allowed to win a fight so easily. This teaches kids that life isn't that easy, even if you're Ultraman. So the big monster just lumbers around and kicks all sort of Ultraman butt.

Then comes the main moral of the entire stage show; teamwork. If the Ultramen work together, nothing is impossible. Which is what they decided to do because the monster was quickly defeated and kids sitting all around with their parents looked up in awe at the new concept they had just learned. Teamwork with Ultraman. "MOMMY I WANT AN ULTRAMAN. TO TEAMWORK!"

 "...and sell a lot of merchandise. Ka-ching!"

There was a point in the show when all the Ultramen walked right into the crowd, which whipped the little kids into a frenzy beyond anything I've ever experienced. I was literally just sitting there with my mouth hanging open at the original Ultraman standing in front of my very eyes, looking like he was about to give some serious ass whooping.

I mean, this kid's face says it all.

But at the end of the day, the Ultramen were just so amazing. Almost everything they did had that sort of magical quality to it. Even just by standing still, they seemed like a dysfunctional boyband.

Except when they were all on stage at the same time because it was sooooo damn cool.

Seriously, Ultramen are the chillaxest dudes in the galaxy, barring none.

I managed to get a photo with the Ultra Potato too, which was pretty awesome because I heard she doesn't like to be swarmed by her fans. So yes, I have to say that I think the Ultra Potato has a thing for budaks because this budak got a nice picture taken.

Since we were standing behind a plain background, the Ultra Potato suggested I Photoshop an extremely cool background behind us. I took it a little bit too far and got us transported into an actual Ultraman fight in downtown Tokyo.


If you're a fan of Ultraman, this is not a show you would want to miss out on. Sure the storyline is pretty much predictable and may even be corny to some of the more "matured" ones, but at the end of the day, when Ultraman does a flying kick, he's not only kicking the monster, but also kicking away your inhibitions at going to an Ultraman show.

That's how awesome it is.

A huge shoutout to Resorts World Genting for the invitation to watch the show and to be able to relive some of my fondest childhood memories with Ultraman. Look at me there, posing up a storm with the two Ultramen standing behind me, looking affectionately at me with those yellowed orbs. It's...just so good.

 If you need more information on Ultraman Live in Genting, I would recommend you scroll back up to the top of this post and read this entire thing again. Or if you're too lazy to do that, check out their official website at this link and find out how you can purchase your tickets just in time for the school holidays:

There's also tons of merchandise you can get as well during the show. Popcorn sets, plush hats, and all sorts of things that'll make the average Ultraman fan go gaga.

What are you still waiting for? Go book your tickets before the little kids get it all.

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