Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Recently, I stumbled upon a new social media phenomenon. Like most social media users in the Y-Generation, I immediately jumped onboard the bandwagon like those people playing Pirate Kings. The thing is, in this modern world where the glorification of beauty permeates into the deepest recesses of the mind and soul, it was pretty (zing) odd that this phenomenon even began.

But then I remembered that 2 years ago, we all worshipped a plump middle aged man galloping like a horse and it all made sense.

I digress. So this huge thing which made actual waves on the wide ocean that is the Internet is the #cryfie. It's not a difficult concept to grasp. The #cryfie literally explains itself; it's a selfie of yourself crying. Here's an actual dictionary explanation of a #cryfie:

It was found in a really old dictionary of unknown origins. Trust it. 

Now, I know that many of you will be going like, "Whaaaaaat? Why would people even want to do that?" or "That's so silly!" But of course, I don't have to remind you of what the Internet has to offer. Remember planking? Yeah, I try my best to keep it locked up in the little part of my brain where all bad things go to.

Being a man of the Internet, I decided to test out the #cryfie for different situations. Needless to say, I am now typing this out because I no longer have any friends, and those who are still on my Facebook friend list are all plotting the most painful way to punch my face in.

Here are the results.




And of course, the comments that ensued were nothing short of hilarious. I didn't know how much my friends loved and cared for me until this very moment when I posted my first ever #cryfie. It was like a deluge of emotions washing over me like the tears that stained my face.

So believe me. Post a #cryfie today and make sure that your friends know about it. You'll be getting all the likes and comments and attention from them. A #cryfie is also named because it's a cry for attention. Attention seekers, you now have a brand new outlet to garner all the attention for yourself. You won't be regretting it.

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Why Lee Kwang-soo is the True Prince of Asia

Much has been said about Lee Kwang-soo, the Giraffe of Running Man. In a previous column, I've written about why Kwang-soo is undoubtedly the comedic gem in Running Man, and that was almost 2 years ago. Since then, his popularity has risen so much that he is now called the Prince of Asia.

I've had the fortune to see Kwang-soo in action up close during the Running Man fanmeeting, and I can honestly say that Kwang-soo is every bit deserving of the title he is bestowed with. Here are a few reasons why.

This included. 

He's nice 

Kwang-soo is possibly one of the nicest and most humble celebrities around. Sure he may have a bit of a betrayal thing going on in the show, but you can definitely count on him to be there for the fans whenever they need him. Like the time he personally went to greet fans from all over the stadium, without even worrying about his own personal safety.

During the fanmeeting in Malaysia, a random girl was called out to play the Pepero game with Kwang-soo. But because she was so young, it was highly inappropriate. Still Kwang-soo asked the girl to go onto the stage, gave her a big hug and took a picture with her. Most celebrities wouldn't even bother. To Kwang-soo, the most important thing is to make sure everyone leaves with a laugh and enough memories to last. That's just the kind of princely material he's made of.

He gives a lot of fanservice

To most celebrities, fanservice consists of signing autographs and taking selfies with the adoring throng of fans. To Kwang-soo, fanservice includes hijacking other Running Man members' autograph sessions, running down from the stage to greet fans despite security, giving everything to making sure the fans are well accommodated among other things.

When he was in Malaysia, Kwang-soo actually finished signing his portion of fans, and went on to sign for Ji-hyo's side as well. During the actual fanmeet, he actually jumped down the stage and went to the cheapest seats to greet the fans, despite the security trying to prevent him from doing so.

His fanservice goes beyond a simple autograph and selfie; he goes all out to make sure everyone is happy.

That is why he's the Prince of Asia.

He's hilarious

Kwang-soo is hilarious, and he knows how to utilize it to the fullest. These pictures prove it.

Do you think Kwang-soo deserves his Prince of Asia title? What other reason can you think of? Leave a comment below!


Note: Running Mondays will be on Christmas break next week (22nd December) and will return for the final post of 2014 on 29th December. 
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Monday, December 8, 2014

What Happened to the Monday Couple?

The Monday Couple needs no introduction. As one of the most endearing variety couples around, the Monday Couple; made up of Gary and Song Ji-hyo, have garnered an international fanbase following their every step, both on Running Man and off cameras. It's no surprise, really because fans of Running Man have watched the organic and very natural growth of the Monday Couple from the time Gary confessed to having a crush on Ji-hyo in episode 10 up to their first kiss in episode 163.

But of late, the show hasn't been focusing a lot on the Monday Couple. Sure, there are a few moments here and there, but there is definitely a huge slump in Monday Couple moments as compared to the earlier part of this year. Fans of the Monday Couple (like myself) are left disappointed with the lack of interaction between our favorite couple.

The question is...why aren't we seeing more of the Monday Couple? What happened to the Monday Couple?

There have been rumors going on about how Ji-hyo and Gary may actually have been together in real life, but then broke up, which led to a dramatic decrease in the Monday Couple screentime. The thing about this rumor is that Gary once said in an interview that if he and Ji-hyo were to date and break up, the end of Running Man as a whole would be near. I wouldn't like that to happen anytime soon.

What I think happened to the Monday Couple is that they have reached a stagnant stage, as all relationships tend to do at one point. There is just no more way to advance the Monday Couple loveline without making it too scripted. One must remember that the fans fell in love with the Monday Couple because of how "real" the relationship seemed to be; a shy guy chasing after his dream girl, and with a little bit of nudging from the producers of Running Man, they were able to successfully maintain that "realness" throughout the show.

I could give a few suggestions as to how the Monday Couple could spark up their relationship, but again, it would fall into the "scripted" category. As one of the longest-running variety couples on TV, stagnation between Ji-hyo and Gary was bound to happen. There's only so many times he can kiss her on the cheek, or put her head on his lap, or choose each other over gold before it gets old. Sure the Monday Couple fans may squeal in delight, but to what end?

Instead, I have an even better suggestion that I think might work. The Monday Couple should be put out of the spotlight for the time being. "Whaaaaat?" you ask, your eyes flaming, "We want more of the Monday Couple, not less!"

Well, anonymous writer on the Internet, just listen. The reason for doing so is simple. Let the natural bond between Gary and Ji-hyo take over. It's what made people fall in love with them; not the forced, contrived skinship that seems so unnatural, but rather the behind the scenes look at a couple who truly care of each other as much as family. And as you know, it's easier to do without a camera pointed at your face with a thousand eyes staring at you.

One perfect example is the SpartAce Couple. I know it's sacrilegious to even mention "The Other Couple" on a Monday Couple article but hear me out. The SpartAce Couple aren't formally recognized by Running Man as an official couple on the show. But the fans, oh yes the sharp eyed fans, have still managed to pluck out so many SpartAce moments from the course of the show. That's what the Monday Couple need now. They just need to be themselves around each other, and the sparks will naturally fly.

Will the Monday Couple date in real life? I don't know. You can't say "No" to a possible love blossoming between two co-workers who have worked together for the most of the past 4 years. Like a certain Canadian pop singer once said; "Never Say Never". And as a passenger on the ship that is the Monday Couple, I will continue hoping that this is true.

What do you think? Do you have a better suggestion on how the Monday Couple can be "improved" (if this is even the correct word to use)? Leave a comment below!

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Monday, December 1, 2014

A Tribute to Cho PD: The Man Who Made Running Man So

When news broke out last week that Running Man's head PD, Jo Hyo-jin; or Cho PD as he is more popularly known internationally, was going to leave Running Man, the Running Man community in general was shell-shocked. Was this some cruel joke? How could the man who had brought so much laughter into our lives be leaving the show we had all come to love in the 4 years of its; for the lack of a better word, running?

The same reaction I had to hearing the news. 

But then the tributes came pouring in to the man who had made it all possible. Many waxed lyrical about him, and some of the more heartfelt tributes just moved readers to tears. One of the most important people in Running Man was leaving, and there was just nothing Runners all around the world could do about it.

Cho PD has been at the helm of the show since that one rainy night back in 2010.

Since then, he led the show for 4 years and more than 222 episodes (and counting), and that's such a huge accomplishment in the South Korean variety scene, considering how varieties rise and fall dramatically in a short time at Korea. (see Barefoot Brothers and Roommates Season 1 as prime examples). Running Man is now SBS's longest running Sunday variety show ever, an achievement by any standard of the industry.

Look, let's be honest here. Without the showrunners, Running Man will never have achieved the lofty heights it is right now. Cho PD and Taek PD have changed the way variety shows work, by taking the show into its "urban variety"concept. They did what no other variety show did back in the day; they made games like Hide and Seek exciting, and showed off the landmarks of South Korea while they were at it.

Of course, some people have complained that Running Man has become stale of late. That's actually a whole different argument for another column but you have to remember that Cho PD is the man who came up with the nametag ripping games, as well as a host of other special episodes like Yoomes Bond, Superpowers Special, Reincarnation among some of the more notable episodes. He was dedicated into making Running Man a success, despite the early threats of cancellation when Running Man was still struggling to find its footing. 

He never backed down despite the pressure and the show has thrived because of it. 

Running Man will never be the same without its head PD in charge, but his legacy remains. The PDs who have stayed at Running Man will no doubt try to emulate the man who put the nametag onto the backs of the Running Man for the very first time, and made them into the international legends that they are today. 

Cho PD, 감사합니다! Good luck in whatever your future may hold for you. 화이팅!!


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Friday, November 28, 2014

5 Things I Learned While Being A Mascot

Being a Joel-of-all-trades, I was recently asked to fit myself into a mascot costume to pass out balloons and take pictures with the crowd of people at a fair. I've never been a mascot before, neither have I wanted to be a mascot. But it was just so that the guy who was supposed to be the mascot had an emergency and no one else was tall enough to fit into the costume.

So there I was, ready to take on the world as Clifford (Patrick?) the Big Red Dog. And it was then that I realized that I wasn't living in a sitcom and the reality of being a mascot hit me full in the head.

Here are 5 things I learned while being a big red dog.

#5 It's incredibly hot

Malaysia is pretty much one of the hottest countries in the world all year round. But that heat is nothing compared to putting on a mascot costume. Despite the air conditioning, a mascot costume is possibly the stuffiest place I have ever been put into, and I've been to the deserts of Egypt. Imagine, being stuck in a furnace for the duration of the time you're out and about, while sweat gathers and drips down your face. And there's no way to wipe the sweat off either. So it's basically a simmering stew of sweat. 

#4 Children are mortal enemies

I love children. They're adorable. Well, until they start attacking you, that is. There was a girl who just latched on to me, laughing and screaming, knocking me off balance. It took everything I had to not fall and land on top of her. Plus, her parents just stood by and laughed while taking a whole lot of pictures of their daughter clearly committing acts of treachery against a lovable children's character. 

#3 Mascots can't flip out

No matter how annoying the child may be, or how hot you are feeling, mascots aren't allowed to flip out. Believe me when I say that they thought of just pulling my mask off and screaming loudly was so enticing. By the 10th child I took photos with, I was ready to pass out from exhaustion and general annoyance. And still I had to smile and wave at the cameras as though I was happy. Y'know, as happy as I could be while drenched in sweat.

#2 It's fulfilling

The thing about being a mascot is that you make people happy, and I brought it by the spadefuls in my grubby little paws. Every time I shook hands with a small child and see the smile light up on his or her face, I temporarily forgot the heat and stuffiness. If you've never made a young child smile before, you should. It will be one of the most enlightening and fulfilling moments in your life.

#1 The pay... pretty sweet. I mean, just look at how fat I've become. Yeah. I'm a #moneygrubber. Deal with it.

So yes, if you ever get the chance to become a mascot for anything, give it a try, You may end up drenched in sweat, cursing and swearing at times, but to be able to get paid handsomely should be enough reason for you to take up the job.

What about the smiles of the little children? Who needs that when you can see the sweet sweet smile of our Yang DiPertuan Agong on the several hundred dollar bills you have in your wallet?


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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

My Mom Has Never Given Us Her Best: A (Pretty Sucky) Poem

Every year, in lieu of a birthday present, I write my mom a blog post because a) it's free and b) I'm just really that kiamsap. This year, I decided to one-up myself and write a poem instead. The decision to write a poem came suddenly, and I've been regretting it ever since. I'm no poet, and under no circumstances can I replicate the flowy, flowery language that comes with poems.

Still, I'm managing expectations here. So mommy dearest, happy birthday and please don't mind this crappy poem I wrote you. Oh, if you're looking, there's a video below for you too. It's like finding a pearl in your oyster.

My Mom Has Never Given Us Her Best: A (Pretty Sucky) Poem

My mom has never given us her best.
She's always been so busy.
On the computer, on the phone
Or out and about, she's never at home

My mom has never given us her best,
She's always one to nag
About chores, homework and that dreadful test
Oh man, it really is such a drag.

My mom has never given us her best,
She really, really can't cook.
She tries and tries and tries again,
But it's different from the picture in the book.

My mom has never given us her best
She's always taking naps
Her head would always loll
jolted with a snort and a snore.


My mom has been there for us,
Through the thick and thin.
Voicing her worries and her fears
She never wants to see our tears

She's always trying out new recipes
Although we never appreciate
She continues to persevere
Despite how tired she might be

Through the years of growing up
I've come to realize one thing.
My mom has never given us her best.
No. Because she's given us her all.

And yes, here is the video too.

Happy birthday mommy! I know how much you hate people knowing that you're 52 years old this year. I promise that I won't be telling anyone that you're now inching your way along into your fifties. LOVE YOU!

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Monday, November 17, 2014

8 Couples We Want To See More Of on Running Man

Relationships form the basis of what makes Running Man one of the most watchable and hilarious variety shows ever. The cast have a strong, almost familial relationship which translates well both on and off screen. On screen though, there are plenty of "couples" formed through the years of teaming up together; the Monday Couple and the Easy Brothers as examples. Still, there are plenty more couple mix-ups which I think the show could promote more of.

Couple such as...

#8 Yoo-Kook Couple (Eternal Rivals)

Yoo Jae-suk and Kim Jong-kook have been rivals since the beginning of the show. Both are capable leaders, have their own personalities and always at each other's throats. It's always fun to see a dysfunctional couple paired together and just let the fireworks come out.

#7 Gary-Giraffe Couple

One of the less focused on couples in the show. They haven't had a chance to show off their teamwork but their pairing is guaranteed to garner the laughs. Case in point: episode 182 where Kwang-soo and Gary played the horse acupuncture mat race.

Non-stop laughs.

#6 Yoo-Mong (Candy Alliance)

The Candy Alliance first formed in It's no doubt that Jae-suk and Ji-hyo have an infectiously cute relationship; equal parts bickering and kinship.

Jae-suk even knows Ji-hyo's scent as seen on many occasions. Plus, with the Ace and a capable Yoomes Bond, they'd literally be unstoppable.

#5 Kwang-Mong Couple

Ah the siblings.

If you need more reasons, check out this previous post I did:

#4 Impala-Tiger Couple

The strongest and weakest links need to get together as a team. On one hand, they'll be a fair fight for the rest of the members. And it's great to see how Jong-kook reacts to Suk-jin's inability to complete missions. This is what "tipping the scales" means, literally.

#3 Sparta-Gae Couple

The pairing of the Commander and the Sudden Commander is almost as deadly as the SpartAce couple; both are capable of completing missions with record time, and deft in nametag ripping. A pairing like this doesn't happen too often because imagine how unfair it would be to the rest.

#2 Yoo-Lee Brothers

One of the best couples we need to see more of on during Running Man. The Yoo-Lee brothers are basically the best comic relief you'll ever need. They have perfect chemistry; Kwang-soo is the perfect foil to Jae-suk. Plus, Jae-suk's inner bully always tends to surface around Kwang-soo, and the results are hilarious.

#1 Ha-Yoo Couple

Another pairing that has the equal mix of disdain, teasing and ribbing to make their interactions fun and engaging. Everything, from their famous "YAAAAHH!" cry to their general banter leaves us all in stitches,

Which one of these couples are your favorite? And which other couples do you enjoy seeing on Running Man? Leave a comment below!

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