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The 6 Best Running Man Team Victories

The concept of Running Man has always been mostly about winning. It began with a sort of Amazing Race vibe; finish all the given missions and win the final race. But as I've mentioned before, Running Man isn't so much about winning. It's about the relationships that are built between the members, how the betray each other, laugh at each other and bond just like a family. So at the gist of it, the members are essentially not all about winning, but more of the camaraderie between each of them.

As such, Running Man team victories are my favorite kind to watch. Whenever the entire Running Man team is pitted against another side, I just enjoy watching them stop their backstabbing and betrayal and just team up for the victory.

So here are the 6 best Running Man team victories, in no particular order. I didn't include any of the One Chance Missions in this list because I've written about that before in this post here.

Note: You can watch full Running Man English subbed episodes on DramaFever! Click here to start.

#6 Ep 190: Running Man vs Angel Eyes

When the cast of Angel Eyes paid the Running Man team a visit, it was another chance for the Running Man team to show their teamwork abilities. After losing the first mission because of communication problems and the second because they aren't all that hot on quizzes, Running Man finally kept up the momentum to knock Team Angel Eyes out, literally.

The final mission was the fireman relay, which Team Running Man won with a comfortable margin because of their excellent team work.

#5 Ep 95: Find the Strikers

When it comes to team missions, Running Man members don't always see eye to eye on certain matters. But when the going gets tough, they usually are able to work together for the bulk of the episode to solve missions.

Just like in episode 95 when they had to go up against idol groups SISTAR and MBLAQ, easily defeating them. In the case of MBLAQ (and poor Lee Joon especially), where they were all outed by being water-gunned down.

It's refreshing to see the members click so well.

#4 Ep 129: Running Man Idol Winter Olympics

Revenge was on the line. In the previous Running Man Summer Olympics, they were thoroughly beaten by the youthful Idol Team. And revenge it was, with the Running Man team working so efficiently as a team to annihilate the Idol Team.

The "ice" hockey game, especially, saw the rise of the Commander's takedown move and Running Man's secret weapon "AZ887" (poor Kwang-hee).

Overall, a Running Man team working hard together will never fail.

#3 Ep 171: Ryu Hyun-jin's Missions

Running Man and the giant crane game. Running Man and the Meat Tower. Running Man vs EXO. The Running Man members were all pushed to the limits in Ryu Hyun-jin's missions for them. From the epic relay with the giant crane, to the balancing of the meat tower (and the subsequent Meat Riots)

and the final mission against the hottest Korean idol group EXO, it was a non-stop, packed episode which really tested the members and their teamwork.

#2 Ep 126: Fool Choi Ji-Woo

One of the things which make Running Man so enjoyable to watch is when they go all out to trick one another for the victory. But when the whole Running Man team comes together to trick the guest, you know you've got a bargain. When the Queen of Melodramas Choi Ji-woo makes her appearance, and is told that she has to best the Running Man members in a 1:7 duel.

Little did she know that the tables were to be turned, and her "victory" ended up going to the Running Man members, who kept their composure throughout. That or they're just very good at trickery.

#1 Ep: 178: Running Man vs Producers

Okay. Let me just say that the final victory wasn't the Running Man members but the PDs. But, they didn't get splashed at the end, so that's sorta kinda like a victory. And the way they completed all the missions; from removing pieces of the Giant Jenga, and to relay gymnastics and crossing the freaking Han river on paper boats made by their own hands.

It was insane the kind of teamwork they put into the episode and to finish up all the missions. That's really what Running Man is all about. It's not about winning, it's about how they go about supporting each other.

Which Running Man team victories did you enjoy the most? Leave a comment below!


Running Mondays News

1. I know I've said this for the past 3 weeks, but there will be a surprise in next week's Running Mondays 2nd Anniversary post. So look out for it next week!

2. Running Man will be in Malaysia for their fanmeeting this 1st Nov 2014!

Get your tickets now to watch Ji Suk-jin, HaHa, Kim Jong-kook, Song Ji-hyo and Lee Kwang-soo dole out their slapstick brand of humor on stage. More information is available here or on ONE TV ASIA's page. You can also buy your tickets at TicketCharge.
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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Get Chilly at Genting's Ice Age Adventure

It's been almost a month since I was invited up by the good people at Resorts World Genting to catch the Ice Age Adventure. A month of not writing anything about the Ice Age Adventure because of excuses. But here it is, finally. 

And I'll let the pictures do the talking for the most part because like Scrat, I'm constantly on the move now looking for my acorn. And by acorn, I mean money so that I can feed myself. Adulthood sucks. 

 Precisely what I told myself when I hit adulthood. 

So what is the Ice Age Adventure all about? Well, you may well know that the Genting Theme Park will be remodeled into the fantastic sounding 20th Century Fox World in 2016. So Ice Age Adventure is sort of like a prequel to it. Your kids will get to see lovable characters from the hit animated movie Ice Age, like Scrat, Sid and Diego and even get to have a photo session and play games with them.

Note I said kids, because this is primarily a kids event. Oh the kids will be all over those lovable man sized, probable flesh eating animals but the adults know. Oh, they know. But because I'm not an adult, per se, I enjoyed most of my time at the Ice Age Adventure. In fact, I even infiltrated the kids during a game and NO ONE, I mean NO ONE noticed.

I must really start getting older.

Here's the video if you're interested.

There are other things to do at Ice Age Adventure, like these incredibly detailed 3D art walls which you can snap as many photos as possible. Be careful you don't get left to drift on some ice though. Some people are cruel like that.

Pictured: The face of an ice queen who doesn't care about her subjects. 

Ice Age Adventure does get tiring after a while, especially when your parents ask you to pose in a million different ways just to get the right angle and perfect picture. And, I'm sorry, but did I mention that the Ice Age shorts which you can watch in the special theatre are just one straw short of a Final Destination movie? I mean, kids LIKE this sort of violence?

I really must be getting old.

So to take my mind off the violence, I decided to do one of the kiddiest things I could think of; coloring my very own mask. Sure, there was a sign which read "Just for Kids" and sure the chairs were a bit too small and the table too short. But it's coloring! No one says no to coloring. Well, maybe except the security guards who were eyeballing me, ready to tear into me the moment I did something stupid.

The parents were just pretty much standing around judging me. 

So what are my thoughts on Ice Age Adventure? Well, being a budak, I enjoyed it immensely. It has a lot of things that would keep the average 5 year old interested, especially with the lack of a proper theme park in Genting Highlands. In fact, I enjoyed it doubly more because I got to eat handmade sushi, which was awesome. Look at me, LOOK AT MY FACE. That is the face of an unadulterated joy of having sushi to eat.

If you're feeling bored of all the words and want some flashy pictures (Ed Note: It's called a video smartass), just watch the one by Resorts World Genting.

For more information on the Ice Age Adventure, check out this link:

Stay cool, people. Yes, that was a pun. Deal with it.

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Monday, October 13, 2014

4 MORE "What Ifs" on Running Man

A few months ago, I wrote an article about the "What Ifs" on Running Man. That post was met with a middling response, but if Hollywood has taught me anything, middling anything equals opportunity for a sequel. So today's Running Mondays article will be a sequel. Here are more unanswered questions about what the show would be like if these instances happened.

Note: You can watch full Running Man episodes on DramaFever. Just CLICK HERE

#4 What if Song Joong-ki was still on the show? (Comment by Jenny)

One of the best "what ifs" was asked on the previous post by a Jenny. What if Brain/Flower Boy Joong-ki didn't decide to leave and remained on the show? This brings up plenty of scenarios. What would his relationship with the rest of the members be? He left the show before Running Man hit their peak. How would the producers of the show continue his character? Would he and Kwang-soo be rivals?

Would he be another Ace or Sudden Commander? So many possibilities, so few answers.

#3 What if the Running Man team had failed their "Wildlife Mission" in Indonesia?

In their milestone 200th episode, the Running Man members were put into a wildlife safari and made to complete a mission within the time limit. Their punishment, should they fail, was skydiving. As in literally jumping from a plane. Fortunately (for them), they all passed the mission. Unfortunately, we didn't get to see what it was like for the members to leap out from a plane. It would have been a perfect fit to end the 200th episode with Kwang-soo's terrified face as he hurled earthwards.

Pretty much this. 

#2 What if Gary and Shin Min-ah had failed the pre-wedding nametag ripping game?

In episode 215, Gary and Shin Min-ah were playing the part of a couple separated by their feuding families. In order to eliminate the disagreeing parties, the couple had to literally eliminate their family members who didn't agree to the wedding. This was done in classic Running Man fashion, by nametag tearing. But there was also a time limit given. What if, Gary and Shin Min-ah didn't manage to complete the mission? The couple would have been split up. Can you imagine Shin Min-ah really put together as a couple with her fraternal twin brother Kwang-soo? The very thought of it makes me wanna...

#1 What if the roles for each Running Man member were switched? (Comment by RMFollower)

We've all grown to know and love the characters on the show. Kwang-soo's betraying self, Jong-kook's Commander Sparta cry, Jae-suk's talkative grasshopper, Ji-hyo's Ace, Gary's dark horse status, Suk-jin's Race Starter, HaHa's kiddy personality; these are all the characters that have made the show so memorable for the fans. But what if Jong-kook was a sniveling betrayer? Or Suk-jin was the one everyone feared? How about HaHa being the Ace and Ji-hyo being extremely childish?

Can you imagine a talkative Gary and a subdued peaceful Jae-suk? Try to imagine it in different ways; there can be so many mix and matches. I mean, imagine Jong-kook as the race starter. Boom, the universe has exploded.

What other what ifs have you noticed on the show? Leave a comment below and it could help be in the next sequel to this post.

Other Running Mondays News

1. The results of the Running Man Fan Survey 2014 are out! Find out what the you, Running Man fans of the world, love most about the show! Click this link ( to check it out!

2. Keep your nametags on, because there MIGHT just be something awesome for the 2nd Running Mondays Anniversary coming your way next week (or earlier, who knows?)

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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Running Man Race Start! Season 2 in Malaysia

Since I began watching Running Man back in the days of Australia, one of my most fervent wishes have been to see the Running Man cast appearing in Malaysia. In fact, in the Running Mondays column, I've detailed why Running Man should come to Malaysia and even pleaded with the Running Man PDs to bring Running Man to Malaysia. Last year, after a very public disappointment, Running Man ultimately didn't manage to make it to our shores. But this year, with a more reputable force at the helm, the Running Man members are finally making their entrance to visit Malaysia!

Thanks to ONE TV Asia, this dream of being able to see the Running Man members up close and personal in Malaysia has finally become a reality. Running Man RACE START! Season 2 in Malaysia is part of the Running Man Fan Meeting Season 2 2014, as Running Man aims to finally visit all its hordes of international fans for the 2nd time around.

Happening on 1st November 2014 at Stadium Negara, this unmissable fanmeet is the first time Running Man members have stepped foot on Malaysian soil. Okay, with the exception of Jong-kook and HaHa who have been here before for their own fanmeets in the past. But while not all the members will be here, the likes of HaHa, Ji Suk-jin, Song Ji-hyo and Kim Jong-kook will be sure to entertain their Malaysian fans who have been dying to see them up close and live. 

And if you've been actively stalking the various Running Man fanpages, you would have probably seen the various uploads about the fanmeet in Bangkok. If not, here's a picture:

Yes, this is what you can expect from the fanmeet in Malaysia. Be prepared!

One of the things we don't want to get into, but must is the dollars and cents. Here are prices for this year's Running Man in Malaysia fanmeeting. 

If you buy your tickets before the 13th of October, you can even win a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to play games with your favourite Running Man stars on stage! Imagine, ripping off the Commander's nametag, or playing ddakji with Ji-hyo or beating Suk-jin at anything. That is a chance all Running Man fans would be happy to get. The winners will be selected across 5 categories (VIP: 4 lucky winners | CAT 1: 10 lucky winners | CAT 2, CAT 3, CAT 4: 2 lucky winners).

And of course, the seating arrangement. 

*All VIP ticket holders will receive an exclusive autograph pass to meet the stars up close and personal plus an autograph from one randomly picked cast member at the autograph session!

*All VIP, Cat 1 & Rock Zone ticket holders can receive a free goodie bag with Running Man merchandise, exclusive ONE merchandise and more!

Check out the video of the Running Man members imploring you to attend the fanmeet. How can you say no to Ji-hyo? All that cuteness. Omo.

So yes, it will be an insane, rip-roaring time of fun and games with the cast members. If you've watched enough Running Man episodes, you'll know what I'm talking about. Get your tickets now at TicketCharge or call 03-9222 8811.You can also download the TicketCharge app to purchase the tickets. 

For even more information, check out ONE TV Asia's website, Facebook page or Twitter to keep up with the latest news on Running Man in Malaysia. 

Malaysian Runners! Are you ready to RACE START? I know I am for sure. It's been way too long already.

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Monday, October 6, 2014

The Woman Who Can't Break Up, The Man Who Can't Leave

October is a month I really enjoy, because it signals the upcoming birthday of Running Mondays, the column. Come the end of the month. this column will already be 2 years old! That's 2 years of solid Running Man articles every Monday. And it would never have been so without you, the readers! So thank you very much.

Today's Running Mondays will be a bit different. Okay. It will be VERY different. This will be the first ever Running Mondays fanfiction. It's odd, because up to this point, there has only been articles about the show. This story is my form of a fanservice to all the Running Man fans who have been reading this column since the beginning, or even midway through.


The Woman Who Can't Break Up, The Man Who Can't Leave 

As Gary opened the door, he saw Ji-hyo hidden under the desk. His heart immediately skipped a beat. 'No, this can't be happening,' he told himself, 'Why her? Why now?'

"Kang Gary, are you here alone?" Ji-hyo asked her expression unreadable, but her voice taking on a cutesy, vulnerable tone.
"Yeah, I'm here alone." Gary replied, looking around helplessly, unsure of what to do. His VJ shrugged his shoulders, as in saying, 'Go ahead boss, it's up to you.'
"Are you going to eliminate me?" Ji-hyo asked again, her voice oozing vulnerability, Gary melted.
"Hang on, I don't know what to do now.."
"Come here."
"Hang on."
"Are you really going to eliminate me?"
"If you keep asking me like that, I don't know...I don't know if I can eliminate you anymore." Gary sat down beside Ji-hyo, his face full of worry. He was unsure of how to handle this situation. He had promised Jae-suk and the rest of his team that he would eliminate any member from the opposing side. But Ji-hyo wasn't just someone from the other team. She was the other part of the Monday Couple.

"Can you turn off the lights?" Ji-hyo asked suddenly. The VJ complied and turned off the lights, bringing the room to a more comfortable, cozy and romantic environment. Gary panicked.
"Ehh why are you turning off the lights?!" he exclaimed, looking at his VJ, who gave him a mischievous smile. "Why are you trying to set the mood?"
"Are you going to eliminate me?" Ji-hyo asked again. This time, Gary knew that he couldn't. He couldn't even if he wanted to, promise or not.
"Why do you keep asking me that? I don't know..." he sighed as he slumped back, leaning on the boxes. Ji-hyo
"It's just the two of us now."
"Ah, I made a promise that I'd eliminate you as soon as I saw you."
"Who did you make that promise to?"
"To my team members." Gary said. His eyes met Ji-hyo's sad, puppy-dog eyes, and he immediately looked away. "Stop staring at me like that, You're going to weaken my resolve."
He got up and started nervously pacing the room. He paused, as if recalling a memory. "Do you remember that rainy day out on the field a long time ago?"
"Yeah...yeah I do."


On that rain-soaked football pitch 3 years back, Ji-hyo grabbed on to Gary's leg, clinging on for dear life. Gary looked around in helpless confusion, unsure of how to react to this new challenge.
"You can't do this to me....Ji-hyo ya." he pleaded, as Ji-hyo continued to cling on to him. He couldn't bring himself to tear off her nametag, so he let her stand up. How could he? She was so vulnerable, so helpless, so beautiful.

"Don't tell Jong-kook hyung that I let you go." Gary said, his eyes unable to meet the woman standing beside him.
"I'll tell him I ran away from you." Ji-hyo nodded. Gary felt his heart melting.
"You'll have to give me your number after this, okay?"
Gary held out his pinky. "Promise?"
"Promise." Ji-hyo wrapped her pinky around his, and Gary could feel an electric shock going through his body. It

"Go, run!" He said, as he flung her hand away. Ji-hyo took off like a bullet, looking back at the man who had let her go. She smiled a little to herself.

*End of flashback*

"Remember that day when I let you go? Do you remember the song they used in the background?"
"Yeah." Ji-hyo nodded.
"Ah..why am I in this situation again?"
"I've been hiding under here all this time, oppa, without being able to lift up my head."
"Ah why?!" He squatted down and offered Ji-hyo his hand, "Have you eaten yet? I wish I could order you a jajiangmian or something."
"Don't you think that if I were to eat here, I'd totally be caught?"
"But you still have to eat." Gary said adamantly, "Listen, Ji-hyo ah..."
At this time, the door burst open and Ja-chul rushed in. He grabbed Gary and went straight for his nametag.
"YAAA JA-CHUL YA! WAIT! SONG JI-HYO YOU!" Gary cried, as he frantically tried to defend his nametag from the greedy advances of Ja-chul. He shot Ji-hyo a death stare, to which she only laughed. Ja-chul finally caught a hold of Gary's nametag and tore it off in one swift motion.

"You should break up with her now, hyung." he quipped as he walked out of the room. Gary clutched at the boxes, his stamina depleted and his heart shattered by his Monday Girlfriend's betrayal.
"You could have waited five minutes to eliminate me. We were talking about our past memories!"
*Gary OUT! Gary OUT!* the announcement rang out. Ji-hyo walked up to Gary, a sheepishly apologetic look on her face. "I'm sorry, oppa."
"Forget it, I'm mad."
"Don't be mad."
Gary frowned. "It's always been like this. For the past three and a half years." he turned his body around and folded his arms together, trying not to meet Ji-hyo's gaze.
"Let's make up." Ji-hyo continued pestering him with apologies. Gary remained adamant.
"Forget it. Not today,"
"Come here. Let's make up. Don't be mad at me anymore, oppa." Ji-hyo wrapped her arms around Gary's shoulder and pulled him into an embrace. He immediately brightened up significantly.

Ji-hyo then faced the PD and asked, "Can you play the song you played for us the very first time?"
As the song played, Ji-hyo began to sing along, "A woman that you can't break up with..."
"For three and a half years now..." Gary mumbled, as Ji-hyo walked out of the room, beaming  widely to herself.

But both Gary and Ji-hyo knew, that like that LeeSsang song which continued to play in the background, the Monday Couple would always be made up of the woman who can't break up, and the man who can't leave.


That was a rewriting of a Monday Couple moment from episode 153, which remains one of my favorite Monday Couple moments of all time. Did you enjoy reading this fanfiction? Would you like to read more in the future? Leave a comment below!

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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Movie Review: Annabelle

I've never been a fan of horror movies, especially the kind which involves the supernatural. So when I was invited by Chingy to be her plus one for one of the most highly anticipated horror flicks of the year, I was hesitant to accept. The last time I watched a horror movie on the big screen was back in 2010, and I even wrote about it.

In case you were too lazy to read through all that, TL:DR: I was reduced to a sad, sorry sack of waste.

But yesterday, I went for Annabelle, the sort-of prequel to the hit horror nightmare The Conjuring. #Yolo was all I could really think as I walked into the cinema with an air of a confident man-boy who knew exactly what he was getting himself into. That confidence faded as soon as the cinema lights dimmed and the first note struck out. Thus began the most horrifying 1-and-a-half ordeal I have ever experienced in my life.

So Annabelle.

I've not watched a lot of horror movies in my lifetime but those movies that I have watched stay with me for a long time. Literally. I can't get most horror movies out of my head easily and I will spend about a week getting frightened by the littlest of sounds. So in terms of whether or not Annabelle is unforgettable, to me, yes it was. As I'm typing this, I'm simultaneously getting goosebumps, while too afraid to look backwards because I'm afraid I'll see the dead eyes of a doll.

The acting in the movie, though was spot on. Annabelle Wallis (real name) especially deserved full kudos for displaying acting chops worthy of an Oscar nomination.

I mean, her character managed to break out into a smile AND embrace the Annabelle doll at first sight. On the contrary, my first reaction on seeing the doll was to look for the nearest fireplace to burn the thing.

The baby too deserves a mention for the sheer balls of being carried by a demon and mostly for the possibility of uncontrolled trauma caused by her first Barbie doll.

The plot wasn't anything special, but don't take my word for it. I've watched so few of these horror movies that everything is so profoundly new and literally eye-opening.

Except I kept one eye firmly shut while my other eyeball was wishing for the sweet escape of pure darkness. Unlike a certain Coconut, I watched the entire movie without once hiding behind my Annabelle mask.

Props to the music department for making the perfect horror music to go along with loud and sudden bangs which left me a nervous wreck.

So I guess that really sums up my review of Annabelle. An unforgettable thrill ride with fantastic acting which will make you leave the cinema with wide eyed wonder. I give this movie 4/5 for making me scream like a little girl at the little girl doll trying to kill the little baby girl.

Or maybe it's just me.

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