Monday, July 28, 2014

5 Superpowers Song Ji-hyo has on Running Man

Song Ji-hyo. Much has been written and said about Ace Ji-hyo, Running Man's wonder girl and how her addition to the show has brought out a side of her that even she probably didn't know she had.

She's the only female cast member in Running Man, but is still able to hold her own against all of them. To achieve this feat, I assume that she has some sort of superpower behind that petite frame and mostly blank face. Superpowers such as...

#5 Sleeping

Song Ji-hyo can sleep anywhere, any time. It's understandable, since Ji-hyo is one of the hottest stars, and she has film, drama and advertisement commitments besides filming for Running Man. But she takes sleeping to the next level, literally, especially in episode 178, when she fell asleep while perched up on the giant Jenga tower.

Which leads me to the next point...

#4 Fearlessness

Ji-hyo is fearless. Well, not all the time because she's scared of slimy things like eels and snakes and worms but generally, Ji-hyo shows an almost limitless amount of courage as compared to her male Running Man costars. This is evidenced plenty of times on the show; by the way she bravely took on Choo Sung-hoon in episode 150

to leaping off the Macau Tower in episode 133 to being the bullet of a blob jump.

Not many female actresses would dare to do half the things Ji-hyo does. This of course, leads to her being a...

#3 Gold Magnet

When it comes to gold prizes on Running Man, Ji-hyo has won almost 80% of the time, earning her the nickname Gold Ji-hyo. It's not a surprise really, seeing how she gives her all to win every mission (see Fearlessness above).

It's almost scary how much gold she was won since the gold prizes were introduced on the show. This could also be thanks to her...

#2 Sixth Sense

Ji-hyo may be nicknamed Mong Ji for being blur and blank all the time, but when the going gets tough, she really knows how to work those brain cells and figure out what exactly is going on. That's why she's the Ace of Running Man.

She has an uncanny ability to figure out if the other members or guests are up to something suspicious, or strike before the iron is hot and get opposing teams out. This is why she's a perfect fit for the role of a spy, because almost all the other Running Man members (except for Jong-kook), often need Ji-hyo's sixth sense to figure out what's going on in the mission.

If all else fails...

#1 Aegyo

Ji-hyo is not down to using aegyo to achieve her win. She hides it well behind her blank expression, but when required, she can bust some of the cutest moves this side of a Hot Issue dance.

Most of the time, she'll use it against her Monday Boyfriend, Gary but sometimes, she'll use it on the gullible male guests as well. The other Running Man members are all immune to this superpower, so it isn't as effective a superpower as she would like it to be.

Or is it?

So out of all these superpowers that Song Ji-hyo has on Running Man, which ones are your absolute favorites? Or which ones do you think I may have missed out? Leave a comment below!

And for all those Running Man fans who are celebrating Hari Raya Aidilfitri, SELAMAT HARI RAYA, MAAF ZAHIR DAN BATIN!

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

I Go Furniture Shopping @ Stanzo Collection Mont Kiara

I would consider myself an adult now. After all, I began working a few weeks ago, and I suddenly felt as though I have the weight of a dozen adult responsibilities on my shoulders. One such responsibility I consider to be what adults always do is furniture shopping. See, furniture shopping would imply 2 things: you have somewhere to put the furniture you're buying (a house) and the money to buy said furniture (a proper job). 

So of course, I accepted the invitation to the Grand Opening of Stanzo Collection in the new 1 Mont Kiara shopping mall. As the name itself implies, Stanzo is a pretty amazing place to go to if you want to hang out in rooms that are tastefully decorated. Oh wait, you aren't Italian. Stanzo is "rooms" in Italian. There you've learned something new today from this blog. Yay.

 Literally a collection of rooms. 

Because Stanzo Collection is basically split into several rooms to public viewing, there are plenty of different feels you can get from each room. Like this living room shown below.

Notice how cozy it is? Everything shown in the picture above is for sale, with the exception of that framed kimono, the 2 tea cups and that stalk of fake flowers in the corner. That means that you can buy the coffee table, the sofas, the chairs and everything else in that picture.

Being a lazy person, I took a few steps back and fell onto this absolutely glorious bed. Literally 5 steps behind the living room. See, this is another thing about Stanzo which amazes me. A single room can be a combination of several different rooms. There is a bed in the living room, and a dining table right in front of it. It's practical and saves so much space to put other things you might have, like Lego figurines and Hello Kitty dolls.

Of course, not all decorations are nice. Some are pretty creepy, like this "family" of dolls standing at a corner just waiting for you to fall asleep.

I quickly decided on one of the Stanzos and made it mine. The bed was perfect, there was a nice mirror for me to admire myself and I could look outside my room and see plenty of people mingling around cocktail tables, sipping their champagne at 11 in the morning.

After a while, I began to wax lyrical about my room. After all, it was MY room and I could do anything I want there. Like stare at falling sand, one grain at a time. It was the most inspirational moment of my now adult life.

I soon began to hear the furniture and items in my new room talking to me, like legit talking. I had a conversation with an alarm clock who wanted to do nothing more than to wake me up in the morning. I realized later that I wasn't talking to an alarm clock, because that's just absurd.

I also found an Iron Chair Suit Chamber, which was pretty darn awesome.

And finally, to prove to the world that I had my very own Stanzo, I sat down on my bed and whipped out my phone to take a selfie on my mirror.

It seems as though I haven't yet matured very much. Sigh, back to the drawing board.

Here are all the information you may need to get to Stanzo Collection. 

Address: Unit 2-3 and 2-3A, 
1 Mon't Kiara Shopping Mall,
50480 Mont Kiara,
Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: 6017-205 7885

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I Become An Advertisement

Back in 2009, when I didn't know what the words "self control" meant, I took a selfie posing with a McDonald's burger. I still had my braces on back then, and wasn't shy to hide it from the world. That picture which I so carelessly uploaded onto Facebook began to make its rounds on the Internet, until Google picked it up and placed it under their "Creepy Smile" searches. It was a top search hit apparently, because it's the only thing of mine to ever make it into the first page. I even wrote a blog post about it back in 2011.

I didn't know the repercussions of my selfie until someone brought ANOTHER picture to my attention. It's like this selfie I took so many years ago is constantly trying to mess up my life. This time, it was on Instagram and yes, this seriously happened.

This Instagram user and wannabe pop star "exampstagram" found my top searched creepy smile picture and used it to market his "single". He crudely Photoshopped a picture of his single onto the McDonald's box and passed it off as a legit advertisement. When I first saw this picture, the only thing that popped into my mind was "what?" and "why?!"

As "exampstagram" eloquently puts it, buying his single "will make your face do this". I have no idea what "this" refers to. Could it be the braces? Or turn into a nerdy Asian kid? Or y'know, a registered Google creep? These are questions you need to answer the world, "exampstagram". You can't just make a statement as vague as this and expect people to Lik-

-HOMAIGAWD he has over 4k Likes for his picture. Well, technically my picture. I can't even get over 20 Likes for my own pictures and I'm already famous in some wannabe singer's Instagram page. I DEMAND AT LEAST HALF THOSE LIKES exampstagram!

Of course, me being the nice guy that I am, decided to immediately take a dozen screenshots of this and make an EXAMPLE (ba dum tsh) of him so that wannabe singers won't be using this creepy smile picture of mine to peddle their wares in the future. Please, if you want to use a a picture of me to sell your products, you're welcome to use the one below.

It's taken in a professional studio. You're welcome.

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Monday, July 21, 2014

5 Reasons To Ship the SpartAce Couple

I have always been sailing on the Monday Couple ship ever since Running Man's most treasured couple began their journey. Their journey has been one full of ups and down, break ups, make ups, betrayals and teamwork.

But there is one other couple that exists only in the virtual world of Running Man; the SpartAce couple of Kim Jong-kook and Song Ji-hyo. The Strongest Combination on Running Man aren't promoted as an official love-line on the show, but eagle-eyed fans have pointed out that their chemistry; overt touches, glances, hat swapping the background of every episode is strong enough proof that maybe, just maybe the SpartAce couple may be Running Man's underground couple.

Here are 5 reasons why I might begin to sail the SpartAce ship.

BUT I must also note that I am NOT jumping off the Monday Couple ship because I love them 5ever and hope, like the rest of you, that they will end up together one day. Because that's what delulu shippers always wish for all the time.

#5 They match pretty well

The SpartAce couple is one of the best combinations the show has ever seen. In episode 21, the 2 of them were paired up for the first time in a Bells Hide and Seek race, and they promptly destroyed the Hiding team with their incredible teamwork.

But it's wasn't a one-off situation. In every other subsequent episode when the SpartAce couple were together in the same team, victory would almost always go to them. That's near perfect chemistry.

#4 They are natural around each other

It's difficult to be "natural" in every sense of the word when you have a dozen cameras pointed in your direction. But while much of the attention goes to the Monday Couple interactions, the SpartAce couple is given significantly less screen time, unless they're in a team together.

So technically, a SpartAce couple moment is not usually taken by cameras, but spotted by eagle eyed fans. And the natural moments that stem between Ji-hyo and Jong-kook off-camera is something definitely worth watching out for.







#3 They look really good together

I love the Monday Couple because of how it began; Gary was the "ugly" looking guy yearning for the beautiful princess Ji-hyo. It's something that many sappy love stories are made of, and that gave the Monday Couple relationship a pretty good flow. But with Jong-kook and Ji-hyo, the visuals are already there.

Jong-kook is a pretty good looking guy, with his bulging muscles, small eyes and a smile that could melt hearts. In terms of a visual couple, the SpartAce couple is a much better choice.

#2 They have their own massive fanbase

And you know what they say...if it's popular enough, leap on it.

#1 They'll win everything

It's no surprise that when you put the Commander and the Ace together, there will be insane competitiveness and a very high winning ratio. Look no further than the aforementioned episode 21, when the Strongest Chaser Couple was born. Merciless and ruthless are the only words to describe the carnage that ensued.

Or how about episode 79, the Sherlock Holmes special, when they figured out and outwitted the main character Lupin Suk-jin to score a double victory.

Or episode 95 when they put together the clues and Jong-kook even helped Ji-hyo win the final mission. The SpartAce couple will definitely be the best at winning.

A brilliant partnership.

Oh man, I think my heart is shifting towards the SpartAce Couple now after writing this week's column. Who do YOU prefer Ji-hyo to be with on Running Man? The SpartAce Couple, or the Monday Couple? Leave your comment below. And remember that this is just a normal discussion, so keep your comments nice and friendly.

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