Friday, January 29, 2016

新年套餐 @ KIP Hotel KL 太好吃了

I love the Chinese New Year. It's the only time when the most prevalent thing of all is food. Sure there's family, kinship and all that but no CNY kinship can be done without everyone stuffing their faces with food. So it is with great joy that I attended my first Chinese New Year dinner preview at the KIP Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

In the spirit of the Chinese New Year, I've decided that the best way to write this Chinese New Year food review is to do it in Mandarin. A fair warning before you proceed; while I have studied for 6 formative years in a Chinese primary school, I have done about as well as a bull trying to navigate through the glassware section. I did so badly that my teacher gave me a leave of permanent absence from class because I sucked that much. Also, I won't be doing this with Google Translate. I am writing this as I would do during my university term paper; terrified and grossly unprepared.

You have been warned.

新年就快来了。今天我要用华语来写这个新年blog post。应为我要证明给你们看我不是一个香焦。我去吃好料。新年是为一个我们可以吃好的时后。随然我们都很怕肥或走样,我们也会吃的不停。

Salmon with Slice Abalone Yee Sang

English Review: The taste of the yee sang is well complimented by the fresh salmon slices. The abalone slices are thick and juicy, providing a succulent flavor to the sweet and tangy yee sang.
Mandarin Review: 鱼生很有鱼生味。

Hot and Cold Combination Platter

English Review: A must have at every Chinese dinner, even though half the time you don't really know what the combinations are. It's good though.
Mandarin Review: 有冷有热的一大盘。很好吃。

(Fake) Shark Fin With Dried Scallop Soup

English Review: Sharks fin soup that thankfully does not contain any trace of real sharks fin. Because if there were real sharks fin in that soup, I would have gone all rouge and table flippy.
Mandarin Review: 幸好是假鲨鱼鳍。如果不是我一定会反桌椅。很好吃。

Deep Fried Boneless Chicken With Mandarin Orange Sauce

English Review: A tangy mix of tender boneless chicken carefully fried to crispy perfection and the mandarin orange sauce which gives it the zesty, sweet and sour flavor.
Mandarin Review: 好像一起吃鸡和橘子的感觉。

Steamed Silver Cod Fillet Hong Kong Style

English Review: Fresh cod fillet steamed to fork-tearing perfection, with a generous amount of soy sauce and chopped coriander.
Mandarin Review: 很有鱼的味道。

Kam Heong Ming Prawn

English Review: The prawns are perfectly cooked to the point that the fork can easily peel off the shell without too much of a problem. The prawn meat is tender and juicy and the sauce gives it the namesake; a glorious golden smell.
Mandarin Review: 从谷歌: 大虾们完全煮熟的叉子可以很容易地剥去外壳没有太大的问题的地步。该虾肉质鲜嫩多汁的酱油给它同名的;辉煌的金色的气味。

Hoong Siew Chinese Cabbage With Dried Oysters, Sea Cucumber, Mushroom and FattChoy

English Review: A heady mix of vegetables, seafood and mushrooms which is a staple in every Chinese dinner. The braised mushroom especially, gives off an amazing flavor which contrasts well with the briny taste of the dried oysters.
Mandarin Review: 肥菜哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈!!!

Fried Rice With Scallops and Pine Nuts

English Review: Rice wok-fried a golden brown with just the right amount of heat to make each individual grain stand out. The succulent scallops balances out and gives an extra layer of flavor to the fried rice.
Mandarin Review: 炒饭就是炒饭。太饱了。吃了几口就够。

Snow Fungus and Red Dates in Syrup

English Review: A sweet finish to a delicious meal. The snow fungus gels in well with the red dates and the syrupy sweetness only helps to cleanse the palate.
Mandarin Review: 一个很好喝的甜品。一定要吃完饭后才吃。

Sesame Lotus Balls

English Review: Sesame lotus balls. If you need a clearer description, kindly consult a dictionary.
Mandarin Review: 圆圆脆脆的芝麻莲蓉球。

Okay, I can't do this anymore. My Mandarin has never been fantastic but this is really pushing it. I've used more Mandarin words in one blog post than in my entire life, and I've studied SIX freaking years in a Chinese primary school. KIP Hotel's Chinese New Year set dinner will have 2 special selections of 9 course dinners to suit your needs.

So what are you waiting for? For more information, head on down to KIP Hotel's Facebook page or contact them directly with the info below:

KIP Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Address: No. 77, Jalan Seri Utara 1
Sri Utara Off Jalan Ipoh
68100 Kuala Lumpur 
Phone: 03-6256 0888


Thursday, January 28, 2016

Movie Review: Ola Bola (2016)

I haven't written a movie review in almost forever, despite the overwhelming amount of movies I have watched for the past 2 years or so. So when I finally do make some time to write a review, you know that the movie is either a) extremely good or b) something I enjoyed immensely.

I managed to catch the kinda, sorta premiere of Ola Bola yesterday. I brought my parents to watch the movie together, because it was set during the days of hippie hairstyles and bellbottom jeans; something my parents would undoubtedly appreciate because of their age. I have always loved sports films because they always have that feel good factor of pure unbridled optimism, in which the underdog triumphs against overwhelming odds. So when I first watched the trailer for Ola Bola, I was just so excited to see my favorite sport as told by the legends in Malaysian footballing history.

So Ola Bola.

Helmed by Chiu Keng Guan (WooHoo, Great Day, The Journey), Ola Bola is a fictionalized account of the Malaysian team that qualified for the 1980 Moscow Olympics. Buoyed by a fantastic cast of newcomers and plenty of cameos to keep things fresh, Ola Bola is one of those films that shows what a multicultural, united Malaysia is capable when we unite as one.

The movie is beautifully shot. The football matches, a key part of the story have enough pace and passion to keep it exciting without falling into a repetitious bore. You can actually almost feel the explosive atmosphere in Stadium Merdeka. I've been to an international friendly between Malaysia and Singapore once, and I can tell you that the movie almost replicates that feeling of being right there in the stadium.

Every touch of the ball is shot in beautiful detail, every goal a feast. For a football movie, this film has definitely nailed the football aspect.

But off the pitch the movie also does its part to showcase the breathtaking beauty of Malaysia. As the team prepare to head for the first of their Olympic qualifying matches, the aerial shots of the lush green forests, the beautiful beaches, the amazing padi fields all serve as a reminder for the team that they are playing for the pride of their country. It is a timely reminder in these troubled times that even with everything happening in Malaysia, it is still our home.

The three leads in the movie; Tauke (JC Chee), Muthu (Saran Kumar) and Ali (Luqman Hafidz) each face their own problems off the pitch, and its through their overarching stories that the whole movie comes to life. The newcomers play their roles to perfection; from Tauke's conflicted juggling between family, football and work, to Muthu's enthusiasm of wanting to make his father proud. These characters are flawed, but it is through their flaws that the reality of life shines through.

A scene to look out for is the half time locker room scene during their final qualifying match with South Korea. That is a scene that hits all the right emotional notes as to how Malaysians overcome adversity. A scene packed with enough passion, emotion and some truly great monologues by the young cast. It seriously brought a tear to my eye.

There are plenty of humorous scenes as well, set up by the bit characters who take up their roles with relish. Sports commentator Rahman (Bront Palarae) is amazing at bringing the enthusiasm during his broadcasts for the football matches, usually to big laughs. It's clear he's enjoying himself in the role.

Ah Cai (Lim Jian Wen) brings some of the best laughs with his positive attitude, and is probably the only substitute that I really wanted to make a difference to the game.

There are tons of truly Malaysian moments in the film, and these little quirks gives Ola Bola its charm. It can be the littlest of things; like the promise of a holiday after Malaysia's victory for example, or even our various eccentricities that make us laugh at ourselves and each other. This is why I think the movie will be able to touch the hearts of Malaysians everywhere, because at the end of it all, it is a story about us, who we are and how we can believe again.

Overall, Ola Bola really shines as a Malaysian film. My parents who have lived through that era loved the realistic portrayal of the time (the custom built fun fair, for example reminded them of their dating spots) and the movie doesn't drag you down by giving you a mixture of humor and emotional moments to keep things fresh.

I give this movie 4.5/5. Director Chiu has come up with another hit after The Journey, and it's a movie that I believe all Malaysians can relate to. Please go watch this golden goal of a movie.


Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Speed Up Your Oral Hygiene with Philips Sonicare Flexcare+

I'll be honest with you. When I look at someone, the first thing I notice about them is their smile. Well, unless you're morbidly obese, in which case I will be counting the number of chins you have. But I digress. The smile is one of the most attractive assets a person can have, it highlights the facial features in addition to brightening up someone's day.

I used to have pretty messed up teeth, but braces solved that little problem pretty quickly. But then I realized that while my teeth were straight and perfect looking on the outside, the insides were pretty problematic.

I apologize for showing you this picture.

See, every time I brushed my perfectly straight teeth, my gums would bleed. And since I am mortally terrified of dentists, I only go to a dentist for the 6 month checkup. Which would mean that I needed something to protect my teeth and gums from the nasty thing called plaque.

Enter the new Philips Sonicare Flexcare+.


I have never been one to use electric toothbrushes, often relying solely on my brute strength to remove all the waste on my teeth. But apparently, brute strength brings about plentiful bloodshed; something I experienced more than once during my nightly battles with the plaque. My gums were just not strong enough to handle the ravages of war.

But Philips Sonicare Flexcare+ took care of that problem for me. Featuring a patented sonic technology and the innovative new Gum Care, this electric provides a unique dynamic cleaning action that gently and effectively reaches deep between teeth and along the gum line. In case you dosed off reading that last sentence, what it essentially means is that this toothbrush will take care of your teeth better than you ever can through strength. I for one am very glad that the machines will rise, because this only means that I can get better dental hygiene.

The Philips Sonicare Flexcare+ also has an amazing FIVE freaking cleaning modes, just because it feels that only one way to clean your teeth and gums is way too weak. Because I wanted to have a thorough cleaning experience for my pearly whites, I decided to go through all 5 modes to give my teeth the pampering that dentists and their whirring gizmos never could.

The five modes of the Sonicare Flexcare+ are:

Clean Mode
Dentists always remind us to brush our teeth properly for as long as possible. The Clean Mode does the same thing, without the nagging voice. It will carefully guide you through the process, and end your session in 2 minutes, leaving you with the cleanest feeling teeth ever.

Sensitive Mode
Did you know that your gums also need to be cleaned? I didn't and that's why I had an absolute bloodbath during this mode. But it's not called a Sensitive Mode for nothing; the Philips Sonicare Flexcare+ soothingly caressed my gums while cleaning it up. After a few sessions, it even bought me flowers and rocked me to sleep. It really is that sensitive.

Refresh Mode
Ever had to rush out for a date but you just consumed a boatload of garlic beforehand? No date is ever going to survive you going in for the goodnight kiss when your breath smells like a vampire funeral. That's what the Refresh Mode is for. It helps you clean up your teeth to full refreshness in a little over a minute.

Massage Mode
I love massages. Massages help me to relax and feel like there is nothing in the world that can overcome and defeat me. The Massage Mode is exactly like a full body massage for your gums; it gives you stimulation beyond your imagination. That's probably what they meant by happy endings.

Gum Care Mode
If your gums are frail and naturally bleedy like mine, the Gum Care Mode is exactly the thing for you. Combining technologies that made Skynet so profitable, this mode helps to decrease gum bleeding and helps prevent recession in your gums, ensuring that you will have stronger gums and even better oral health. 

That's not the only thing about the Philips Sonicare Flexcare+. The toothbrush has 2 different kinds of brush heads; the ProResults Standard and ProResults Compact which give you a more personalized brushing method. The ProResults Standard helps with all round cleaning of the teeth, while the ProResults Compact is more focused on its task. It's like how the best things come in 2s: Butch and Cassidy, Tom and Jerry, Peanut Butter and Jelly...

Want to get your own complete oral healthcare system and on retrospect, a fantastic smile to attract people to you? The Philips Sonicare Flexcare+ can be yours for only RM635! You can purchase the Sonicare Flexcare+ at any Philips authorised retailer located nationwide, at the Philips Brand Store in Publika Shopping Gallery in Kuala Lumpur and online via

I would recommend it. After all, look at my smile. 

I do not apologize for this photo.

For more information, log on to