Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Totoro Flies to Sapporo with AirAsia X

I've long had an intense fascination with Japan and everything within it. I've made 2 trips there in the past, and had some of the best fun just soaking up the culture and the food and the people. Okay, not soaking up the people literally. More like their kindness and the general warmth the Japanese people always show. 

And as a herald of good news, I have some pretty exciting stuff to share for Japan lovers. Myself and Totoro were at the AirAsia launch of the new direct flight route from Kuala Lumpur to Hokkaido, both of us extremely excited for all the possibilities. 

Imagine...Sapporo has the freshest seafood, which includes the best hairy crabs in the world! Besides food, there'll also be plenty else to see, including adorable bears that (probably) won't eat me at the Noboribetsu Bear Park, frolicking in the powdery snow, freaking lavender farms. I'll literally be rolling around in the stuff my mom's perfume is made from.

I mean, even as the unveiling was done, there was a flash of bright light and I swear I could see snow falling. Don't believe me? A picture speaks a thousand words.

 Legit snowing because Sapporo is awesome. Totally not because of some wild photographer's flash. 

Even better news, to celebrate this brand new route, AirAsia is introducing a very exclusive low fare of only RM99 (all-in-fare) from now till 2 August 2015, with the inaugural flight taking off from 1 October 2015. You can fly anytime from 1 October 2015 till 31 August 2016!

 A picture of all the #AABC members who came for the launch. Yes, Totoro is an honorary member.

Don't miss out on this amazing new route. AirAsia X flies 4 times a week to Sapporo from Kuala Lumpur; on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Check out to make your booking! Hurry, or Totoro here will snap up all those seats.

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Monday, July 20, 2015

7 Spontaneous Moments of Brilliance on Running Man

Much has been said about the level of scripting on Running Man, and how it affects the entire flow of the games and the episode in general. Sometimes, there is an art to scripting and why it's needed on Running Man. That's also why some of the most spontaneous moments on the show are often the funniest ones. These are the off the rails moments that the members and the guests often get themselves into on a whim, and it provides the best form of entertainment.

Here are 7 spontaneous moments which couldn't have been scripted, but still managed to leave us rolling around in laughter.

#7 The Great Running Man Meat Riots (Ep 171)

The meat balancing game was a toughie. There was sizzling beef right in front of the members, and their hunger meant shaky hands. So when the tower inevitably fell on their first try, they first of the Running Man Meat Riots begain in earnest, with the members fighting the PD for possession of the delicious beef. Never has fighting for possession of food ever been funnier. The second Meat Riot was shut (literally) by the smarter PD.

Watch the scene here:

#6 The Discovery of a new Variety Idol (Ep 237)

Yerin was something of an enigma before her appearance; her group G-Friend had only debuted 7 weeks before she made her Running Man appearance. She was fairly quiet in the first half of the episode, but she exploded into life during the dance sequence. Never have I seen Ji-hyo laugh so hard before, and the rest of the variety veterans had severe doses of culture shock. An epic dance from nowhere by the variety genius that is Yerin.

Watch the scene here:

#5 Getting Wet Down Under (Ep 188)

What do you get when you put 8 men in an Australian house with it's own swimming pool during a hot summer's night? An impromptu pool dunking party with no survivors. Add in plenty of water zombies, a bowling ball effect, everyone getting caught and thrown into the pool, and a shirtless Rain, and you can be sure that the party was bound to be exciting.

Watch the scene here:

#4 The Birth of Tuna Noona (Ep 103)

The Tuna Noona is a name given to Noh Sa-yeon, whose very appearance can give the Running man members heart attacks. This moment was the birth of her most popular nickname, the Tuna Noona, because of the way she was literally fished to shore by Kwang-soo and Gary. You can actually see Gary laugh himself to tears in the clip below, because it really is that funny. The birth of a tuna character.

Watch the scene here:

#3 Throwing Han Hyo-joo (Ep 123)

On a general rule, actresses who turn up on Running Man are all treated with a dignified sort of respect. All, except Han Hyo-joo, whose sporting spirit and capability for variety has led her to being one of my all time favorite guests on the show. Still, this moment capitalizes on why she's so suited for Running Man; she got wrestled to the ground by a recently married HaHa. This was shocking to everyone because an actress of her stature getting manhandled was certainly cause for talk. She bore it and even tried to counter attack, but still landed on her butt. It was amazing.

Watch the scene here:

#2 Humpty PD Has A Great Fall (Ep 66)

Seeing the PDs take part in the action on Running Man is something very exciting to watch, because it gives you the sense that the show is not just following the directions of a group of producers and directors. It's even better when you see the said PDs actually coming up with a body gag of their own, like when current showrunner Taek PD desperately tried to help Jae-suk, Gary and Suk-jin from bumping into an obstacle. The subsequent fall (and humiliation) is something quite rarely seen, and is absolutely hilarious.

Watch the scene here:

#1 Carrying the Grasshopper (Ep 117)

Pranks form a large part of what makes the Running Man cast so watchable. These pranks make the cast members all seem like family, and no one is spared. This unplanned prank was simple in execution; leap on Suk-jin's back and maybe make his groan a little bit. He'll be sure to find out...right? Wrong. Poor Suk-jin just ran because he was so pumped up to win, with the cheeky Jae-suk on his back. No one expected this prank to actually work, not even the PDs or the members, and that makes it even funnier when you think about it.

Watch the scene here:

Which of the scenes above did you like the most? Leave a comment in the comment section below!


Note: Running Mondays will be on a break next week (27 July 2015). 
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Monday, July 13, 2015

6 Moments That Made Lee Kwang-soo the Icon of Misfortune

From his first appearance on Running Man, soaked in the pouring rain and ignored by the other members, Kwang-soo has established a reputation for being the Icon of Misfortune. While Ji-hyo has established herself as the Queen of Luck, Kwang-soo is sadly the opposite of his co-star. He is seemingly blessed by the God of Variety for the timing and sheer unluckiness he seems to get. He even has his own personal theme song, Sting's Saint Agnes and the Burning Train, which is played every time he's is faced with a pitiful situation. The song has become a hit among Running Man fans because of the number of times it has played over the past 5 years on the show.

Since 14 July (that's tomorrow!) is Kwang-soo's birthday, I thought it reasonable to point out some of his most iconic moments as the Icon of Misfortune on Running Man. There are, of course, more than the 6 that I've listed down here, but these 6 moments can be said to be prime examples of how blessed Kwang-soo is as an entertainer. 

#6 Counter splash (Ep 34)

Messing around with the Commander Kim Jong-kook is generally not encouraged, so Kwang-soo's audacity to blindfold himself AND pour water on a raging wet Jong-kook was probably his mistake deserving of his punishment. Still, it provided us with one of the most epic finales between the Tiger and the Giraffe.

Watch the entire scene here:

#5 Free Kick (to the face) (Ep 154)

I can tell you honestly that being in the wall for a free kick is probably one of the scariest experiences you may have, especially when the kicker isn't a professional football player. So when Sulli of f(x) lined up her shot, there were some nervous faces in the wall. Then again, there was literally everywhere else she could have kicked the ball, but the ball managed to roll squarely onto Kwang-soo's leg, chip up and smack him right in the face. I think even the God of Variety didn't see that awesome shot coming.

Watch the entire scene here:

#4 Headshot: "That's what his face is for" (Ep 214)

How unlucky must a person be to be just standing by and get hit by a ball to the face? If you're Kwang-soo, that happens almost every Tuesday. In this episode, Kim Ki-bang's little flick of the ball smashed squarely onto Kwang-soo's innocent face. If that wasn't enough, none of his teammates seemed to care because they were too busy laughing. That last quip by Jong-kook probably nailed Kwang-soo's situation perfectly; "That's what his face is for."

Watch the entire scene here:

#3 The yolk's on him (Ep 143)

Possibly one of Kwang-soo's most unlucky moments, cementing him as the Icon of Misfortune was his smashing 2 eggs onto his face, simultaneously. It was so ridiculously unbelievable that almost everyone called it fake, as soon as they managed to stop laughing.

Watch the egg-citing scene here:

#2 Getting his hair in a bunch (Ep 106)

The funny thing about unlucky moments is that they sneak up on you without you even realizing it. So when Kwang-soo's "sexy" seduction technique ends up with him showing off his "Chicken" undershirt, to the amusement of the guests and the other members, everyone thought that his unlucky moment was over and done with. Oh, were they ever so wrong. As soon as Kwang-soo put his shirt back on, his hair immediately caught his extra large nametag, resulting in one of the funniest reactions from the Giraffe on Running Man. Seriously, you have to see it to believe it.

Watch the entire scene here:

#1 Raindrops keep falling on his head (Ep 1)

Of course, no unlucky moment would be complete without Nature having its way with you. Kwang-soo's first ever appearance on Running Man way back in episode 1 had Mother Nature literally rain on his parade. Everyone else was so busy trying to stay dry that his introduction was ignored completely. This was the moment that everyone knew, Kwang-soo was destined for great things. Unlucky, sure, but blessed immensely by the God of Variety.

Watch the entire scene here:

Happy birthday to our Icon of Misfortune! What other Kwang-soo unlucky moments do you remember from the show? Leave a comment below!

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