Monday, November 12, 2012

10 Favorite Monday Couple Moments

Last week, episode 118 had many Running Man fans in a mess of emotions. There was Choi Min-soo,  undoubtedly the scariest Running Man guests, reprising his role as the Running Man hunter, bringing both the Running Men and the viewers through an hour of terror. But in an unprecedented move which almost overshadowed the Running Man hunter, fans also saw the glorious return of the Monday Couple.

This is an important moment for the program, as the Monday Couple has a strong following that can rival most celebrity couples'. In fact, most diehard fans cite the Monday Couple as one of the main reasons they tune in to Running Man week in, week out. I'm not an exception. One of my favorite pet peeves when rewatching Running Man episodes is to skip ahead to the Monday Couple moments, which may seem creepy at times, but is incredibly normal for a Monday Couple shipper.

This week's column will focus on the best Monday Couple moments throughout the 2 years of Running Man, just as a celebratory gesture. While I know there's a lot of Monday Couple moments, I'm only going to choose those which left such a deep impression in my mind, I can still remember which episode it was in. Excuse me while I get some champagne and propose a toast to Gary and Ji-hyo for the return of the Monday Couple.

Episode 10

The beginning of the Monday Couple that would go on to have many, many fans. While Gary and Ji-hyo are still very much awkward around each other, they did exhibit a certain sort of chemistry which boded well with the viewers, and eventually made them into the Monday Couple.

Episode 15

One of my all time favorite Monday Couple moments. Gary's direct confession raised Ji-hyo's heart rate to the highest ever, even if it was only the preparation game. The only reason why he failed to make her heartbeat rise in the actual game was because she was expecting another confession with equal power.

Episode 16

Ji-hyo's confession at the beginning of the episode that she already had a man on Mondays brought almost drove the Monday Couple shippers mad with glee.

Episode 18

Yet another one of my favorite Monday Couple episodes. There are 2 Monday Couple moments in this episode, but both are equally fantastic in their own right. There's The Love Boat game, where 2 couples would be selected. Despite Joong-ki's best efforts, not to mention his boyish good looks, he failed to tear the Monday Couple apart. Gary's confession game and Ji-hyo's subsequent turnaround again drove Monday Couple shippers off the boat.

The second Monday couple moment in this episode is also one of the most used Monday Couple images around; Gary and Ji-hyo doing the famous Titanic pose.

Of course, Jong-kook had to come and spoil the party.

Episode 32

Again, there are 2 notable Monday Couple moments in this episode. The first is of course, Ji-hyo openly and quite forcefully dragging Gary away from his horde of fangirls, and her subsequent declaration that Gary is her man on Mondays. There is no better way for the Monday Couple to be out in the open. Right after that, the Monday Couple share the cake that Ji-hyo had bought for Valentine's Day. Gary getting the cake all over his mouth led to a possible re-enactment of the famous foam kiss scene from Secret Garden, which sadly did not materialize. The cute swipe away worked really well though.

Episode 34

The first formal Monday Couple date. It's unbelievable how shy they are when they are alone together, but not when they are with the other members. The Indian restaurant date is also now a very popular Running Man moment, as well as the one moment where Monday Couple shippers go gaga.

Episode 46

I've mentioned this in last week's column but of course, as a Monday Couple moment, this here is definitely my favorite.

Episode 55

What else can I say except that Gary and Ji-hyo are freaking piggybacking each other?!

This only shows that the Monday Couple as a pair is the strongest pair there in on Running Man, because they know each other so well, and to put it in a cheesy term, they basically complete each other.

Episode 60

The Tru-Gary Show episode, where the most notable Monday Couple moment is when they are having the wrestling match before entering the venue. To see Gary unable to keep his hands off Ji-hyo while wrestling is just hilarious.

Episode 74

The popular superpower episode, but before all the action begins in the second half, there's a very unforgettable Monday Couple moment where Gary used his lips to answer the phone from his Monday Girlfriend.

And he stands at the spot where she betrayed him, holding her favorite Americano, where they finally become a pair. Then they do Christmas love shots with each other, and Gary makes that kissy face which made me laugh like a madman for a while.

Of course, during the actual Superpowers Race, he has his LOLLOLs protect Ji-hyo like the true Monday Boyfriend (s) they are.

This episode has the cuter and definitely way more natural Monday Couple moments.

Are you glad the Monday Couple are back together again? What are your favorite Monday Couple moments? Share your views in the comments below!

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  1. hehe! they are so lovely together!!! :D

  2. They are always so cute together and Gary is so sweet to her! :P

  3. hi joel..monday couple brought me to your blog..nice review and well said.
    Agreed with u ep118 is point return of Monday Couple.
    I always dream Monday Couple is True Couple.

  4. I hope the are real... :( But JiHyo has gotten herself a boyfriend.
    :( :( :(

  5. i think ep 74 is really unforgottable. When gary wait jihyo in outside. And jihyo want him and turn around. And when jihyo hug him happily

  6. i think ep 74 is really unforgottable. When gary wait jihyo in outside. And jihyo want him and turn around. And when jihyo hug him happily

  7. Episode 25 contains one of my favorite Monday Couple moments. It was so adorable when they were doing the "Secret Gary" segment and Gary uses the challenges as an excuse to get close with Ji Hyo.