Monday, December 10, 2012

Why Running Man Should Come To Malaysia

Running Man is my absolute favorite Korean variety show ever. I mean, no other show has given me the hours and hours of fun and laughter that Running Man has been able to provide. The fact that the show is entirely in Korean and that I am willing to spend hours watching and rewatching a show I am barely able to comprehend further cements the awesomeness of this show. 

Running Man is filmed largely in South Korea (duhh...) but after watching the overseas special episodes in Bangkok, Beijing and Hong Kong, a thought came into my mind. If they can shoot a special in these countries, why don't they come to Malaysia? I don't think I'm the only one who thinks about this. There are a lot of Running Man fans from Malaysia whose only wish is to see the Running Man members visit our beautiful country.

I mean, Malaysia has even popped up on a few Running Man episodes to date. Remember the Petronas Twin Towers appearing in episode 75 while the members were in the midst of their 'world tour' mission? 

Or how about episode 98 where Zombie Gary walks in front of a room called Malaysia? 

I would like to believe that the Running Man PDs are dropping little hints that will eventually lead to Running Man coming to Malaysia. 

So I've made it easier for them. Below are some of the reasons why Running Man should come to Malaysia. Running Man PDs, are you reading this?

We have good food. 

In the Bangkok and Beijing episodes, the food mission was one of the highlights. Not only were the Running Men out and about in popular food spots around the city, they were also able to showcase the delicious foods which made up the culture. You know what is the one thing Malaysians are very proud of? Our food. Nasi lemak, roti canai, char koay teow...these are the basic must try Malaysian delicacies. Not only are the names foreign to the Running Man members, the food itself can also be a challenge. Who here wouldn't like to see them cringe at the smell of our king of fruits, the durian?

We have great places for races.

Off the top of my head, I can think of several places which the Running Man members can do their races and their missions. 
- The famous Petaling Street can be the place for the food missions, with its melding pot of Malaysian cuisine at its authentic best.

- One cannot discount the Petronas Twin Towers, the icon of Malaysia. While they may not be able to get permission to film inside the towers, there is always the KLCC park, a great place for missions which include a lot of Running around. 

- Sunway Lagoon can also be a great place for a race mission, with the 360 degrees pirate ship or various water rides providing the challenges. 

- If KL is too hot, there's always Genting Highlands, a quick 35 minute drive away from the city. The theme park can be a place for the races, and who wouldn't want to see Gwang-soo scream his lungs out when strapped onto the Space Shot?

We have a huge Running Man fanbase.

There's nothing more embarassing than the Beijing episode when the hopes of all the Running Man members were shattered by no one welcoming them at the airport. There will be no such thing here in Malaysia. Not only will there be an insane amount of people waiting and cheering for Running Man, we will probably be able to beat out Hong Kong's jaw dropping numbers as well. I'm basing all these on the fact that most Facebook groups dedicated to Running Man have a very, very high number of Malaysian fans, all of whom are constantly calling for the members to visit Malaysia. 

As shown.

To the Running Man PDs, I hope this has been able to give you a glimpse of what you can do here in Malaysia. I'm sure that you guys will be able to concoct an even more awesome plot to go with the Malaysian culture, ala the Hong Kong special. 

To my fellow Malaysian Running Man fans, let's try to bring the Running Man members to Malaysia so that we can show them a little bit of our famous Malaysian hospitality. I'm sure you'll all agree with me that Running Man should come to Malaysia, and that the resulting episode would be among the greats. 

Share this post on Facebook, Twitter or anywhere the Running Man PDs will be able to notice. We should all unite and voice out for the Running Man team to bring the Running Man to Malaysia. 

I support Running Man coming to Malaysia!



  1. nice article ! i also hope Running Man will come to Malaysia . Running Man always make me in a good mood :)

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  3. Nice one! And yes they should come to Malaysia! Bet you there'll be a crowd gathered at which ever public spot that they choose film.

  4. hahah, I didnt know u were malaysian! hey I'm a malaysian too :) and I totally agree with you on all the points u made in this article :D

  5. may i share this?
    hopefully, our dream to see running man filming in Malaysia become reality.
    welcome to Malaysia!

  6. if the government sponsor accomodation for RM,i think they will think about filming it here in malaysia,i guess...

  7. you shoud noe about this

    for malaysian fan before RM coming this april =)

    1. Hi Shah,

      Unfortunately, as much as I would love for Running Man to come to Malaysia this April, it's just a rumor that has been spreading around since last year. The whole thing has been shot down by the RM PDs themselves. So, we just have to continue waiting. =)

  8. I wish I can fly and give to the Running Man PDs so he can read it . hmmm I wishhhhhhhhh *kwangsu yakkkk* btw I like your brilliant ideaa

  9. btw today Malaysia have Legoland

  10. YOO JAE SUK!!!!!!!!!!!!!