Monday, May 20, 2013

The Best Running Man Episodes For...

Every once in a while, I like to rewatch some of the older Running Man episodes just because I particularly loved something in those episodes. We've all been there, whether it was an especially funny moment or brilliant cast interaction, or maybe just Kwang-soo smashing raw eggs on his face. I admit, I'm a sadist because I enjoy watching the poor Prince of Asia getting the worst of his luck.

There are so many gems in Running Man, and it's easy to forget some of these special moments, especially when you have Kwang-soo getting up to more and more unforgettable antics in the newer episodes. The cast members are creating plenty of memorable and hilarious moments for all the fans to enjoy, but one should never forget the past episodes as well.

Of course, Running Man has its own unique forms of comedy, and plenty of notable moments. Here are a few episodes which I felt exemplifies these moments perfectly. These are the BEST episodes to watch if you're looking for:

Monday Couple moments
Ep 144: Children's Day Special

I've already detailed all my favorite Monday Couple moments in the past here and here but episode 144 just blew my mind wide open. Not only did the Monday Couple moments NOT seemed to be forced or contrived, both Ji-hyo and Gary seemed like an actual real life couple.

From the singing, and the darkened tunnels *wink wink nudge nudge* to the Pepero game, and their very natural closeness...I was just smiling all the way through the episode. It may just be the inner shipper speaking but WOW! Are they dating? Like for reals? *fingers crossed*

Lee Kwang-soo moment
Ep. 34: Water Spitting & Ep. 143: Superpower Karaoke (TIE)

I honestly cannot decide between the two of these episodes. Lee Kwang-soo, as the Icon of Betrayal and Bad Luck, has had a lot of hilarious moments throughout 145 episodes. But nothing beats his raw egg fiasco in episode 143 and the bravery (suicidal insanity?) of spitting water into Commander Kim Jong-kook's face. For me, these are the best Kwang-soo gags ever.


Overseas special
Ep. 134: Vietnam Special

Screaming crowds? Check. Packed streets? Check. Kwang-soo hailed as the new Prince of Asia. Check and double check. This episode was fantastic because it proved to everyone that Running Man was indeed a force to be reckoned with in Asia (no surprises there). Coupled with the bustling street views of Hanoi and some pretty crazy missions with the locals, this was one of the best oversea specials Running Man has done.

Member-guest interaction
Ep 96-97: Park Ji-sung

On his first appearance, Captain Park hit the ground Running (geddit?). From the moment he appeared on that raised platform, no one could have imagined that a football player would be so charismatic and funny. His easygoing and casual interaction with the rest of the cast members was almost as though he had been a part of the show for a long time.

There was little to no awkwardness and he fit in like a glove. Why is he not a regular yet?

Pop culture references
Ep. 60: Tru-Gary Show

First off, SPOILERS AHEAD (although if you were reading this post, you should already have watched the episode). So the Tru-Gary Show is based loosely on the Jim Carrey film, The Truman Show. Gary tries to be a spy and trick other members, but everyone else knows it and must continue the facade until the end of shooting. But that's not all the pop culture references you can find in that episode. There's also the ending, which was a brilliant reenactment of the final scenes of The Usual Suspects.

This is the Running Man producers at their pop culture finest.

Nametag ripping
Ep 145: Running Man vs Law of the Jungle

Last week's episode really, really, really gave me chills. Never had I seen such a competitive nametag ripping game in all of Running Man. It was a tight game, with plenty of outs. There wasn't any coalition or betrayals that plagued most of the nametag ripping games in the past. It was just an all out fight to be the best. The Law of the Jungle team were probably unaware (or forgot) that they had to try to make it funny for the audience, but the end result was one of the most thrilling nametag ripping games in the history of Running Man. Edge of the seat stuff.

Themed Race
Ep. 130: Back to 1938

There was everything in this episode: time travel, reincarnation, betrayals, great 1 on 1 battels, Monday Couple moments, a brilliant puzzle, Suk-jin ripping off Jong-kook's name it. It's one of the best themed episodes that the Running Man producers have ever come up with, and stands perfectly against the previous two Running Man Survivor Series.

And if an episode is good when compared to the fantastic Superpower episode, you know that it's definitely worth watching.

Emotional moment
Ep. 41: Joong-ki Leaves

Episode 41 was an emotional roller coaster for many Running Man fans. After all the laughs and watching HaHa's house being ransacked, the news broke that it was to be Flower Boy Song Joong-ki's final episode as a Running Man member. His tears, prompting a similar response from his best 'same aged friend' Kwang-soo, led to many, many tear-stained faces.

To date, this is Running Man's most poignant and emotionally driven 5 minutes ever. Now, where's my tissue box?

Commander Gary Appearance
Ep. 28: vs. Kim Byung-man

Since the beginning, Gary has always been known as Peaceful Gary, a nicknamed derived from his laidback attitude. But when the going gets tough, Gary gets going. He's the dark horse of the members, and while he may seem plenty weak during the earlier episodes, he's getting stronger and stronger by the day, giving him a new nickname "Sudden Commander Gary". The first, and most likely the best, example of Commander Gary's appearance is the One Chance against Kim Byung-man. His all-kill, hitting all the cherry tomatoes with nunchucks, floored even the Master himself. Gary's true colors as a Commander has shone bright and true until now.

Ep 96: Superpower Football

I love football and I love Running Man when they played superpower football. Flying HaHa, Gary holding a bag of balls and IU's Uncle Fan power was among the things I laughed the hardest at. Definitely worth watching just to see how well the Running Man members used their superpowers against Park Ji-sung.

Which are your best Running Man episodes for any of the above mentioned moments? We all have our differences, I'm sure. Leave a comment below!



  1. i really need to catch up with all the episodes, currently just at 100ish

  2. I LOVE RUNNING MAN! Just finish watching episode 130 and the concept is so cool! :D

  3. I love kwang soo's victory in ep. 132

  4. ep147.really funny!!!

  5. why jong ki leave RM?

  6. He wanted to focus on acting

  7. Given Gary's background in martial arts, I am not surprised with his performance in ep 28. Gary has a black belt in Hapkido, which makes use of traditional weapons like the nanchuku. So yeah, I believe it's not his first time handling it (unlike Joong Ki). :)

  8. I'm a bit confuse, is this moment or episode? :/

  9. it's the best episode to see a certain moment on Running Man. =)

  10. ah, I see, thanks! Hey, I'm kinda envy you 'cause Running Man will come to Malaysia, right? Lol, congrats :D

  11. I love running man a lot, my fav ep are 118 74 98 42 147 127 104 50 69 52 27 115 137 etc... I think these are one of the most entertaing ep so far latly the show's getting low rating, wel, thats upsetting to me as a fan. :( but I liked recent 168 episode all that ufc style name tag ripping game just too awsooom!!! Running man fighting!!