Monday, October 14, 2013

Another 10 More Favorite Monday Couple Moments

One of the bigger reasons I watch Running Man (among the many thousands I can name off the top of my head) is undoubtedly the Monday Couple. Known for being one of South Korea's variety power couples, the Monday Couple has gone through thick and thin through the 3 odd years since they began their journey. I've listed out some of my favorite Monday Couple moments here and here, with the last post being Valentine's Day, and only covering up to episode 130.

Since then, there have been even more Monday Couple moments, but here are another 10 more of my favorites.

Episode 133: From Macau with Love

The Monday Couple first showed off their usual stuff by sitting on the plane together en route to Macau. But the real Monday Couple moment I really enjoyed here was when they chanced upon a jewelry shop.

This interaction not only showed how close the Monday Couple were, we were also given a sneak peek (wink wink) into a possible future for the Monday Couple. Well, even if it's only in the shippers' hearts.

Episode 135: Alarm Bells Ringing

The 'alarm bells' actually refer to 2 things which happened in this episode. The first was when Jackie Chan turned to Ji-hyo and asked her for her phone number. And Gary, instead of standing down, actually stood up to prevent the Dragon from messing around with his Monday girlfriend. The second alarm bell is more literal; ie: the Alarm Bell game. When it came to the Monday Couple's turn to exchange banter, they did it in such a way which made shippers' hearts all over the world just burst into a million pieces.

Episode 137: Gone With The Pepero Kiss

There were 2 notable moments in this episode, one of which was the first ever Monday Couple pepero kiss. The reactions and instinct of the Monday Couple during this game was very natural, to say the least. And yes, their lips touched, even if it was only briefly.

The other was the very, very clear similarity to the Gone With The Wind movie poster, which Gary and Ji-hyo reinacted with perfect accuracy. Now, if only they start dating...

Episode 144: Monday Couple Strikes Back

I've mentioned before how this episode had one of the most natural and 'real' Monday Couple moments and I'm sticking to it. Not only did Gary and Ji-hyo exhibit some of the most couple-y actions (while on a mission no less), they also showed that they had excellent chemistry throughout. And yes, there is another Pepero kiss here.

That should be enough reason to watch this episode.

Episode 147: The Hat Switch

This Monday Couple moment may be lost to many because of how relatively insignificant it is to the main 'plot' of the episode. But these kinds of Monday Couple moments are the best. Gary and Ji-hyo swapped hats when going into the water, and Gary comes up with an incredible line that's both cheesy and brilliant.

Hats off (geddit geddit?) to the Monday Couple for pulling off something like this. Even Yoo Jae-suk approves.

Episode 153: Reminiscence

Betrayals in Running Man is common, and even the Monday Couple lets their "Kwang-soo gene" run riot sometimes. This was one of those times, and it provided one of the more emotional sides to the Monday Couple. When he has Ji-hyo cornered in a room, Gary remembers a similar situation both he and Ji-hyo are in. Older fans of the show will remember the moment of reminiscence, way back in episode 12.

It was both incredibly touching to listen to LeeSsang's Girl Who Can't Breakup, Guy Who Can't Leave (헤어지지 못하는 여자, 떠나가지 못하는 남자) playing in the background while Ji-hyo apologizes for her betrayal with a hug.

Episode 154: Public Confession

Gary making Ji-hyo run errands? Check. Gary sharing a cup of iced Americano with Ji-hyo? Check. Gary making Ji-hyo shout out "I Want Kang Gary!" in public? Check and double check.

This Monday Couple moment was awesome because it was Ji-hyo's first 'confession' in front of a crowd, and it goes to show how comfortable she has gotten with the whole Monday Couple relationship, even after the breakup.

Episode 159: Of Gold and Confessions

The ultimate couple test is when both parties don't know what's the other is thinking. When Gary and Ji-hyo are given a choice of Partner or Gold, without knowing what the other person will choose, the true test of the Monday Couple comes into play. The Monday Couple ultimately chose each other over the gold, and were forced to give up their gold for their partners.

But of course, this is Running Man, where love triumphs over all. So with the Monday Couple's best win of Partner-Partner, both of them got to double their gold bars. Who says love can't make you rich?

Monday Couple Moments from Jessica Surianto on Vimeo.

Episode 163: The First Kiss

There is nothing I can say about this Monday Couple moment which will do it justice. Just...just watch.

Episode 166: Gold, Silver or Gary

A lot of Monday Couple interaction, backed with a lot of support from the rest of the members. It's less of flirting and more of how an actual couple would react to their significant other.

Ji-hyo's smiling face as she listens to her Monday boyfriend dictate her every move only gives the Monday Couple shipper a clearer understanding and insight to how Ji-hyo listens to LeeSsang's songs.

Do you agree with my favorite Monday Couple list? Which other Monday Couple are your favorites? Leave a comment below! You can also check out my other favorite Monday Couple moments here and here.

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  1. I also love the way Gary fed Jihyo on eps. 164, husband-wife act on eps. 164, and of course Jihyo's flirt to Gary in eps. 165. :D

  2. I like any monday couple moments hahaha gary's responses always makes me go "awhhhhh!"

  3. omgggg that hug in ep 159...aww i ship them so much. Proud to say i saw every one of those eps haha :)

  4. I hope they got married :) and also I love your blog !